Bob Ryan

The Changing Climate

Climate change results from natural cycles of the sun. When the sun burns hotter, warming periods occur. When it burns colder, cooling periods occur. Ice ages come and go naturally.

During the age of the dinosaurs, the Earth was considerably warmer than today, since the sun burned hotter. The polar regions were tropical, which is the reason dinosaur fossils have been found in Canada, Alaska, and even Antarctica.

Being lizards, they never would have survived anything close to the cold that exists today in those places. They lived on a thriving planet, since heat is good for life on Earth, including plants.

Without the ice at the poles, the sea level was considerably higher than today. Places that are at lower elevations were underwater.

Following the time of the dinosaurs was a Great Ice Age came that forced much of the life on land to live nearer to the equator to survive. So much water was trapped by the ice at the height that land bridges were used to expand.

The melting that started thousands of years ago due to a natural cycle of Earth’s climate continues to melt. Those land bridges that are known to have existed are now below sea level.

The medieval warming period brought greater warmth than today. Farmers planted fields and fed people in places that cannot grow food today. There was abundant food for life, including humans.

The warming period was brought to a close bringing on a little ice age that continued until around 1860. Ice started to return, making planting impossible in places that had produced food for generation. The lack of food brought famine to man and animals alike.

Man is no more responsible for warming and cooling than anything else on Earth. It is the sun that dictates climate.

History tells us warming is better than cooling phases. Warming phases bring an about healthier populations of humans and animals. Cooling phases are hazardous to both. It is better to have warming than cooling.

Even for plants, warming is better than cooling. Warming periods have brought abundant plants across the world, including what was tropical jungles in Antarctica.

Anyone who claims the warming of Earth is a bad thing has no idea about the historical warming phases that brought abundance of plants and animals. It always results in a greener planet.

It is the cooling phases that should concern people who care about the environment. History tells us those times of cooling are not beneficial for anything.

For those concerned about rising water levels, as I stated, the ice started to melt thousands of years ago. Long before man built anything, the water started to rise. There is no stopping the rise, since the sun cannot be stopped from doing what it has always done.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a novelist of the future via science-fiction, dystopian or a combination of the two, and blogger of the past with some present added in on occasion. He believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past, since human nature is an unchanging force. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. He is a Christian Zionist who knows God is calling His chosen home as foretold in prophecy.