Esor Ben-Sorek

The Clown in the Circus Court of Justice

“Corrupted and tainted and stitched up lies from the start of the investigations… a political coup to overthrow me as prime minister………”

Thus were the initial cries of our corrupt criminal prime minister Netanyahu. With little or no shame he railed his abuses at the panel of three judges of the High Court just as his trial was beginning.

At the entrance to the courtroom he told his supporters gathered there that he was walking with his head held high. We patiently await to see that same head lowered once the court convicts him.

Netanyahu is a good politician. No… I correct it. He is an excellent politician. He knows how to lie, to condemn those who do not worship him, and to the media which he hates for what he believes is distorted and fake news.

In his earlier years he lied to both his first and his second wives. He cannot lie to his third wife, the domineering Sara. Who truly knows what hold she has over him?

Perhaps some hidden letter or document which might destroy his career if made publicly known.

Aside from that, he has continued to be the master smiling clown in the political circus of Israel and now enjoys playing that same role before the three judges of the Criminal Court of Justice.

He may lie. His supporters may lie. But the 333 witnesses to give testimony will not lie. They will accuse Netanyahu of all the charges made against him…. and even more of his abuses yet unrevealed.

Bibi the clown should paint his face, put a tall cap with red bows on his head, juggle some oranges in his hands, dance and laugh… all the trimmings of a good clown. He is not so good, but is a clown nevertheless.

Why must we suffer as his trial proceeds possibly up to three years? Produce the evidence and together with the testimonies of 333 witnesses, let him be found guilty and sentenced to a prison term just like prime minister Ehud Olmert before him.

. That is what justice demands. It will set a precedent for all future political leaders and lawmakers who may be tempted to skirt around the established laws in our country.

While prime minister Netanyahu smiles in public there is no doubt that he is frightened and shares his fearful concerns with Sara and his foul-mouthed son Yair at the dinner table.

He despises bitterly the police, the media, and the attorney general Mandelblit who indicted him. He accuses them of promoting a coup to remove him from his office. When faced with the evidence to support the indictment he blatantly lies and dismisses it as falsehoods.

He has very little respect for the judiciary and if he could, he would remove many judges from their benches in the courts of Israel.

Now he must face them. He is not being tried in a traffic court nor in a family court. He is being tried in the Criminal Court in our capital city, Jerusalem where three distinguished judges with many years of experience in criminal cases will hear the prosecution and the defense and will then deliver their verdict.

If Netanyahu is likely to be found guilty he will be sentenced to one of our prisons and will be treated as a common criminal prisoner without any special treatment.

No doubt Sara and Yair will be required to evacuate from the official residence and return to their palatial home in Caesarea by the sea.

When visiting days are allowed they, of course, will visit him, shed some tears, and walk out of the prison gates with heads still held high and a smile on their faces for the awaiting cameras and reporters.

One should not rejoice at this national tragedy. It is a very sad tale about one man who could hold the world in his hands with pride and dignity but who chose to walk on the wrong path… the path of his destruction.

Only then can his family, friends and supporters utter their cries of defeat: “Aich nafal ha Gibor”…

How hath the mighty fallen. The court is closed. The clown hides his face in shame. His desired legacy is dead.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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