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The Coming of the Messiah

The Coming of the Messiah at the End of Days, i.e., in our time, is one of the most sensitive and subtle questions. Because our journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem will be led by the Light of the Messiah, I will quote some concepts about the Coming Messiah and later I will summarise my own understanding. The quotations are reasonably long in order to present the ideas of the Kabbalists in more detail.

In the last chapter of his book A Kabbalistic Universe, 27. End of Days, the great Kabbalist, the late Z’ev ben Simon Halevi (Peace and Light to his Soul) states (pp. 244-245):

The position of the Messiah in Kabbalah and in many other esoteric traditions is very precise. He is the perfect human being, the living ideal for all humanity. His initial position on Jacob’ Ladder is at the simultaneous Malkhut of Azilut, the Tiferet of Beriah and the Keter of Yezirah. Here, where the upper three Worlds meet in the Throne of God, he presides over the innermost part of the incarnate mankind. Whoever holds this role as the Axis of the Age is the link between the Divine ELOHIM, the Holy Spirits and humanity. The Messiah, it is said, is the true Son of God and not his servant, as all the Archangels are despite their high rank and the name Benai ELOHIM. This special relationship is because Adam, or man, was God’s firstborn, that is, the being who was of the ELOHIM’S own begetting in the DIVINE’S own likeness. Thus it is that those of mankind who have not realised that in their Self is God seeing God are given the choice of perceiving the purpose of human existence in the reality of the Messiah, the last born spirit to incarnate below. While, for example, orthodox Christians say the Messiah has come and orthodox Jews say the Messiah is yet to come, the truth of the matter is that the Messiah has been, is and always be present. It could be no other way, if one knows the place of the Anointed above the Self and at the Crown of all incarnate mankind where humanity meets ADONAI at the Malkhut of Divinity.

In another of his books, A Kabbalistic View of History, Halevi writes about some great Initiates in human history who in fact fulfilled the function of Messiahs for their epochs:

As regards the Persian esoteric tradition, it introduced the motion of the Messiah and the concept of the Resurrection at the End of Time. This is when Existence is re-absorbed into the Godhead after a final Day of Judgement on humanity’s performance. The role of the Messiah was later seen as the title of whoever occupied a particular place in the chain of enlightened individuals. There would always be such a person incarnate throughout history. Known as the Axis of the Age, the Messiah was the connection between those on Earth and the Great Holy Council in the upper Worlds. (Halevi: A Kabbalistic View of History, Kabbalah Society, 2012, p. 88).

Moreover, in the book Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree Halevi gives examples of Initiates who fulfilled the role of the Messiah during the ages:

While to us natural men, such a highly conscious self is at least cosmic, it is in fact less than half-way up the complete Jacob’s ladder of the four interleaved Trees that compose manifestation. From this we can see why Christ might be called the ‘Son of God’, as would any man attaining this level deserves to be called. As has been said, more than several men have, during the history of mankind, reached this point and they are known to the Kabbalistic tradition as ‘Messiahs’ or the ‘Annointed’. This title applies to anyone reaching the Tiferet of the beriatic World and could be ascribed to Zoroaster, Hermes-Trismegestus, Enoch and many lesser known and unknown human beings who have returned to help save mankind from its ignorance at certain crucial periods of development. (Halevi, Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree, Samuel Weiser, INC, 1974, p. 312)

In another Kabbalistic source, the web site Work of the Chariot, there is rich information about the Kabbalah in general and the function of the Messiah in particular. It describes various concepts of the essence of Messiah and this is why I would quote quite big excerpt from this web site about different views of the Messiah. This show again and again how sensitive and delicate is the concept of Messiah:

In all mystical traditions, the concept of Messiah and messianic appearances in the Lower Worlds is the pinnacle of all mysteries, unparalleled in its sublimeness, inscrutability, and controversy. Messiahs come as World Teachers when righteousness fades, and the message of the absolute unity of existence and the primacy of unconditional love, discrimination, and renunciation as a means to intimately know God becomes obscurated by the conditioned impressions of conventional religions. Such extraordinary beings remind us in a lively way of our innate divinity and of the spiritual awakening that is our birthright….

Sometimes, Messiahs “wind the clocks” i.e. lead the transition from one Age to another, or vanquish powerful demons that threaten the stability of the Small Face universe. Some Messiahs appear to be completely or partially veiled from awareness of their true identity until awakened to it by a Perfect Master who has incarnated to do so, or through a supra-conscious experience of the Divine. Master Mosheh was dramatically changed by his experience of the “Burning Bush.” … The Perfect Master John baptized Master Yeshuvah in the Holy Spirit. The monk Totapuri struck the Bengali avatar Sri Ramakrishna in the center of his forehead with a sharp rock. It immediately sent him into a nirvikalpa samadhi that lasted for six months and culminated twelve years of intense spiritual practices, after which Ramakrishna commenced his activity as a World Teacher.

Many details found in the Torah, Peshitta (Gospels), and Apocrypha regarding the nature, lives, experiences, powers, and teachings of Master Mosheh and Master Yeshuvah find parallels in those of Messiahs in other traditions. Messianic appearances are called avatara in Sanskrit. The Hindu tradition contains beautiful and profound descriptions of the life dramas and teachings of the ten incarnations of Vishnu, including Rama, Krishna, Narasimha (lit. Man-Lion), and Matsya (the Fish, who is said to have appeared to Noah during the Flood). Hindus also ascribe messianic stature to Chaitanya (sixteenth century CE), Ramakrishna (1836-1886), Shirdi Sai Baba (d.1918) and Satya Sai Baba (1925-present). They assign such status as well as to incarnations of the Divine Mother i.e. the Goddess, such as Saradamani Devi (1853-1920), Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982), Amritanandamayi Ma (1953-present, known widely as “Ammachi”), and others. Buddhism provides detailed descriptions of the incarnations of the Buddha, and of the one to come called Maitreya. The sage Lao Tze, to whom is ascribed the Tao-Te Ching, was the revered divine incarnation who sired the development of Taoism. And Zoroaster was the messianic wellspring who transmitted the Zend Avesta and originated the tradition passed down through the Farsis. (Source:

Obviously, the essence and the Personifications of the Messiah are a very complex and sensitive theme. Nevertheless, when I received the vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem with its twelve Gates, I experienced as Light of Messiah as the Light of all great Divine Masters, together with their Feminine Partners, who linked with the Divine Origin of Creation and brought a new impulse for the evolution of humankind in any particular historical epoch. This “Integral Pentecost” is a colossal Messianic Light which leads the followers of all world religions, in one or another way, to the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Z’ev ben Simon Halevi in his book A Kabbalistic Universe states that the role of Messiah is part of a long line stretching back to Enoch and through Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster and many great teachers. Now, after the end of the Indo-European cycle, this whole Messianic Line is activated in order to facilitate the quantum leap of humankind to the new Cosmic cycle of evolution. It is well known that at the end of every cosmic cycle the CREATOR opens the Books of records of everything that happened and integrates all the past into one single wholeness. Therefore, in it the Messianic line is activated as well and forms the Apocalyptic Light of the Integral Messiah. Obviously, many advanced human souls will be able to merge with this Light and help humankind on the Journey to the Higher Worlds. As the Light of Messiah is an integrative one, thus the channelling of this Light on Earth is a collective action too.

In the following Posts I will share some personal and transpersonal connections with the Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine and how we could contribute to the Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem led by the Light of the Integral Messiah. Of course, I would be delighted if we form the initial group which could channel this Light and enthuse many more people on the Journey!

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