The complete idiot’s guide to Mid East peace (part90)

Air force chief lauds 400% firepower increase in 2 years

Amir Eshel says planes can strike in 24 hours the same number of targets hit throughout 34-day Second Lebanon War in 2006

Air force chief lauds 400% firepower increase in 2 years | The Times of Israel

While it is most impressive that such a level of proficiency can be attained in a mere two years, it does seem a shame that, in other areas of endeavour, nowhere near a similar increase is observed.

The peace process, for instance, could almost be classed as moving in a reverse direction, into negative equity. Its movement, currently in retrograde motion as far as any real progress can be discerned, reflects a stalemate continually at odds with the best interests of all those involved. Breaking through so long established a barrier has been the constant dream of many administrations and countless people. Whether or not this might done by fair means or foul does not dispel aspirations to achieve some marked degree of finality in the matter.

Therefore, with present indications showing no imminent or even future prospect of an agreed peace settlement, measures to bring about much greater efficiency in the matter should be introduced – and in some haste before the situation has the chance to get any worse than it already is. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

This would produce an efficiency rating far in excess of even that 400% attributed to the IAF, ┬áIndeed, the true measure of its net effect might well be considered beyond all human calculation. So, why not choose to take such a course of action? The element of risk here must surely be worth it when the rewards can be so great – and in many more ways than one.



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