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The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 185


US senators push for end to Hamas threat in ceasefire | The Times of Israel   ‘Republicans and Democrats say truce must eliminate danger of rockets and tunnels’

Ceasefire may take time, officials indicate; US lifts flight ban | The Times of Israel

It seems that there will be no ceasefire today. And tomorrow holds out very little promise of one either. I guess, at some point, a formula has to be worked out, a deal done, a face-saving exercise that allows both sides the opportunity to withdraw from the field of battle and return home, each one claiming a victory of sorts but knowing all the while that nothing much will have really changed.

And there the matter must rest until the next major round of hostilities is triggered and the whole sorry story starts up all over again, only this time with maybe more deaths, more casualties and yet more destruction.

So, do we dare to change the plot-line here? Can we rewrite tomorrow’s page in the knowledge that a happier ending might still be possible, that destiny in this conflict is not fixed for all eternity? Because if we cannot do so, then it may be that we’ve missed the point entirely, totally misunderstanding what must be our role in such dire circumstances.

We are not to remain as mere observers here, with no input other than to comment and to criticise.  .

Neither are we to fight blindly, having no objective but to survive through to the next day and the next, sensing that there will be no ending to the contest, no rest from all our labours.

So, what is it we must do? Surely something that lends meaning and purpose to an otherwise futile claim on a better future for everyone.

Or is this how it must be forever? Will there never be anything more? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

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