The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 189


End the chokehold on Gaza, says UN chief

Ban Ki-moon says the bloodshed has to stop.

First, stop the fighting, he says — first for a seven-day period, beginning with a 12-hour pause.

Second, start talking.

Third, tackle the root causes of the crisis. The fighting emphasizes the need to end the 47-year occupation and “the chokehold on Gaza,” and achieve a viable two-state solution

Israel rejects Kerry ceasefire proposal; IDF death toll rises to 35 | TheTimes of Israel

Rejection never looks good in these matters, certainly not on the international stage and not always in localities much closer to the action.

But, if a rejection has to be made, then a counter-proposal should be issued to make it appear as though there is still room for manoeuvre and the ball is then back in the other side’s court.

Removing ‘the chokehold on Gaza’ will have consequences for Israel, not all of them negative but more than enough to be of great concern and the cause of considerable apprehension. To compensate for this relaxation on Gazan pressure points, a new ‘chokehold’ must be applied, one that effectively disables the conventional scene and turns it into the perfect opportunity for rapid advancement out of this 66 year-old conflict.

In finally producing something of supreme benefit to all those who would otherwise be condemned to exist in a state of constantly increasing tension and fear, the true potential of human beings is released and everyone can then move forward without having to worry too much about how the future is going to unfold. Because it must then unfold in a manner far better than it has done so far. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

After everything that’s happened and the terrible tragedies that have taken place over the years, missing this one chance to be free of so much pain and guilt might easily become the worst tragedy of them all.

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