The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 252

Former New York judge appointed to UN Gaza inquiry | The Times of Israel   ‘Mary McGowan Davis to join William Schabas and Doudou Dienne on commission, which is due to present findings next March’

Well, it looks like yet another commission of inquiry has been made ready on the launch pad and is now all set to go for blast-off. But, whatever its verdicts on events relating to the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel, one fatal defect is glaringly obvious. Its findings won’t be revealed until March next year. By that time, the world will have moved on, other crises and matters of pressing moment will have taken centre stage and these may very well relegate the commission’s deliberations to some Stygian media backwater, safely filed away and largely ignored.

If only a faster method of investigating relevant incidents were in place, then a speedier evaluation of them could be made and thus much more immediate judgements delivered. Justice delayed is often justice denied.

The conflict is now a very old one; maybe it’s as old as time. But by turning it over to procedures and probes that are too slow to keep pace with what is happening on a daily basis, the secret of restoring order to one of the most disordered regions in the world vanishes. And, if even once such an opportunity is lost, then it may decide to stay lost forever.  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

forever is a long time when you’ve lost your way…


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