The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 259

State seizes 1,000 acres in West Bank | The Times of Israel ‘Peace Now says move near spot where three teens were abducted is a ‘knife in the back’ for moderates in the Palestinian Authority’

The fundamental deficiency in the way the system works rests in Israel’s all too reactive approach to events and circumstances as they unfold. Virtually no proactive elements are ever adopted. It’s like being in a tennis match where Israel has elected always to receive, showing no inclination whatsoever in any attempt at winning the service game.

Perhaps Israel has long ago discovered it has poor racquet technique when it comes to delivering the ball; too many double faults take place, all of which count against it in the final score. Thus, time and time again, it relies mostly on its return of serve to get it out of serious trouble.

Well, this style of match-play no longer endears it to a watching world. That world has grown tired of such conformity, wondering why no radical change in tactics has yet occurred. Continual reliance on a formula that has no real power to end the matter will only cause resentment in an audience awaiting some kind of equitable result, certainly one better than that of a 66 year-old impasse with only the prospect of still more conflict in all the years that lie ahead.

Perhaps Israelis and Palestinians are in need of a few coaching tips on how to serve out this match. Then they could both retire to the changing rooms for a review of respective performances and start to plan for their next meeting, one over which there are sure to be much friendlier skies.  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.

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