The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace (part55)

Echoing comments from State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki last week, Netanyahu said, “The ball is in Abbas’s court.”

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The ball may well be in Abbas’s court but what of it?

No one seems to be showing much interest in playing this game any more and, even if they did, all plans for going into extra time next Tuesday would appear to be on permanent hold anyway.

And just what other roads to peace can there be if Israel does somehow manage to sideline Hamas in some as yet unspecified manner? Hamas isn’t about to magically disappear as a result of whatever arcane moves Israel may be disposed to make in the near future.

Unless, of course, it’s the LAXIAN KEY manoeuvre that’s being mooted. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

That would marginalise Hamas to a truly massive extent. After all, the region’s most hostile opponent to Israel’s existence can’t very well be seen actively engaging in activities that would permanently cement such an existence, thereby fulfilling the dreams of millions of Jews worldwide.

Thereafter, Fatah and all neighbouring Arab nations might easily find themselves in much the same position. And thus the road to peace between the principals here becomes a very fast tracked one indeed.

No, surely not, it simply cannot be.

Not even the Machiavellian instincts of the ever resourceful Mr. N could steer the Israeli ship of state through so labyrinthine a course as that mandated by the Laxian Key scenario.

Or could they?

The concept is almost entirely autonomous, doesn’t need much looking after, travels along at its own deliberate pace and brooks absolutely no interference from outside sources. The ability to successfully blame the other side for whatever transgressions they may (or may not) commit is virtually all that is required. In which case, it must go right to the top on any politician’s wish list of the ten most eminently desirable things to do.

Wow! Could this really be what Mr. N means by ‘other roads to peace’?

If it is then I, for one, would gladly be prepared to share the Nobel Peace Prize with the inestimable Israeli PM. 60-40? 70-30? 50-50?

Well, these details can be discussed when and if that moment arrives.

That is if he hasn’t been given one already. Has he? 







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