The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part58)


Indyk returning to Washington empty-handed | The Times of Israel

Well, it seems that lots of differing attitudes concerning the situation still abound, various interpretations exist and positions taken now range worldwide across a spectrum hosting a myriad viewpoints and agendas.

But what good does it do if no comprehensive agreement can be reached about how to proceed, especially since this latest round of peace talks appears dead in the water and going nowhere?

The matter has surely no chance of getting better all by itself. Indeed, without direct and significant intervention by external forces, nothing can be expected to change for quite some time. Except, that is, for the worst.

In the meanwhile, the standard response from those outside the situation is what?

A pox on both your houses?

Hasn’t the world got enough problems to sort out? This one’s been with us now for the span of what must be three or four generations. Or could it be even more than that?

Is there any end to it in sight or is Judgement Day itself pencilled in for final word on the subject?

It would appear that, with such a day very much in mind, reaching consensus for an acceptable disposal of so long-standing and intractable a problem would be very much in everyone’s best interests.

And by ‘everyone’ here, I really do mean everyone; no exceptions or excuses allowed. In the circumstances, I think that much must be taken as gospel, be it from the Bible, Torah, Koran or Whatever. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

Let’s hope this can look like we’ve all been doing something – and not coming up empty-handed in the process.




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