The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part63)


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With so many accusations now being thrown about on every side here, that all too familiar ‘blame game’ has surfaced yet again and this time with a vengeance. No one seems to have been spared in the three-way spat that has arisen. Thus it is that what little now remains of a moribund and almost defunct peace initiative is very hard to estimate.

But the ‘blame game’ need not necessarily be such a downer on whatever process might next be put in train. Achieving some form of peace between Israelis and Palestinians could very well depend on a readiness to blame someone or other for whatever crime, injury, transgression or perceived infraction comes to light.

What if the ‘blame game’ could be so structured that it preceded or paralleled a new peace process, taking the ‘point’ position instead of almost always bringing up the rear as a tail-end Charlie? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Here blame can be a force for affirmative action, not merely the waste product of every vain attempt at resolution and remedy, all those failures that may now have to include this latest one among their number.


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