The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part65)

Now that John Kerry, the US administration, the Israelis, the Palestinians and circumstances arising have signalled an extended hiatus in the current round of peace negotiations, what have we learnt so far from this latest effort to bring about harmony and coexistence between these two peoples?

After nine months of delicate and time-consuming discussions, no discernible progress seems to have been made and matters stand more or less where they have always stood.

This appears to conform to the standard pattern of events:

Both parties get together – or are forced to do so – after years of much costly conflict and strife.

Talks are entered into and these amble along until some incident or decision by one side or the other fouls up the process and then all further proceedings come to a grinding halt.

Some half-hearted proviso is offered to the effect that a resumption will take place once the dust has cleared, tempers cooled and the mood of the moment has changed for the better once again.

But, in reality, what this amounts to is yet another dip in the shallow end of the pool, a quick immersion suitable only for complete novices and those too afraid to venture into waters of any serious depth or danger. ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Descrizione Swimming pool with lane ropes in place.jpg

Sometimes it’s all about the ability to sink or swim. And how it goes after that must determine what happens next…….one way or the other.

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