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The Consequences of Dividing Israel, and the US Elections 2024

Satellite photo of Hurricane Harvey approaching the Texas coast, August 25, 2017.
Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Satellite photo of Hurricane Harvey approaching the Texas coast, August 25, 2017. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

A Warning for America as it Heads to the Polls in 2024

Satellite photo of Hurricane Harvey approaching the Texas coast, August 25, 2017.
Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” Genesis 12:7 (NIV)

 On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. Zechariah 12:3 (NIV)

There is a direct correlation between countries that seek to meddle in Israel’s affairs, pressuring her to surrender the land God gave them for “peace”, and natural disasters. This correlation can also be extended to politicians who attempt the same, and how it subsequently adversely affects their tenure in office. While there are many international examples of nations and their leaders who have learnt this lesson the hard way, this article will focus on America.

Two books that document this correlation in meticulous detail are Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel by William Koenig, and As America Has Done to Israel – The Result: Massive National Disasters by John P. McTiernan.

American Disasters

When he thunders, the waters in the heavens are in turmoil, and he causes the clouds to rise from the ends of the earth. He makes lightning for the rain and brings the wind from his storehouses. Jeremiah 10:13 (CSB)

While it is true that natural disasters can be predictable in general – hurricanes forming within the “hurricane season” (June 1 to November 30); earthquakes occurring on tectonic plate boundaries; tornadoes arising in “Tornado Alley” during “tornado season” (March through June) – coincidences with any political event will inevitably occur, thus making them easy to dismiss as such. But as Koenig notes:[1]

“Virtually every major hurricane since the beginning of the Israeli-Palestinians’ peace process in Madrid, Spain, held from October 30-Nov. 1, 1991, have [sic] corresponded to White House involvement in Israel’s land. These have all occurred at the time U.S. presidents were actively pressuring and/or inducing Israel to make peace with the Palestinians by agreeing to give up large parts of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem for promises of peace and security.”

As the following examples from each presidential administration since 1990 out of the hundreds (yes, hundreds!) I could have chosen from illustrate,[2] there are just too many instances of American political meddling with Israel that just happen to “coincide” with natural disasters to be passed off as “mere coincidence.” For when the Lord sees Jerusalem as the “apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8), and says, “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about” (Zechariah 12:2), we should expect to see consequences. And we do!

  • Under President George H.W. Bush’s Administration (1989-93)

He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth; he sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses. Psalm 135:7 (NIV)

The Madrid Conference,[3] October 30 – November 1, 1991 was an attempt by the international community to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process through negotiations. President George H.W. Bush said:[4]

“Throughout the Middle East, we seek a stable and enduring settlement. We’ve not defined what this means; indeed, I make these points with no map showing where the final borders are to be drawn. Nevertheless, we believe territorial compromise is essential for peace.”

On October 31, the Perfect Storm hit New England,[5] extensively damaging President Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine.[6] A year later he was out of office, despite having approval ratings of 89% in March 1991 relating to victory in the Gulf War.[7]


  • Under President Clinton’s Administration (1993-2001)

…There will be earthquakes in various places… Mark 13:8 (NIV)

On January 16, 1994, President Clinton and Syrian President Hafez Assad made joint statements supporting the Oslo agreements as a first step towards peace. President Clinton said:[8]

“From the first days of my administration, the achievement of a comprehensive peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors, based on Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 and the principle of territory for peace, has been one of my highest foreign policy objectives.”

On the same day the costliest earthquake in US history in terms of insured losses (both actual and adjusted for inflation) occurred in Northridge, California.[9] It was also California’s most destructive earthquake since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.[10]


Interstate bridge collapse, 1994 Northridge earthquake. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
  • Under President George W. Bush’s Administration (2001-09)

In 2003, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon proposed the Israeli disengagement from Gaza. It was adopted by the government in June 2004, approved by the Knesset in February 2005, implemented in August, and completed in September.[11] By August 16, 9,000 Israelis had to leave, or face eviction.[12] On August 22, President George W. Bush said:[13]

“My vision, my hope is that one day we’ll see two states – two democratic states living side by side in peace.”

By August 23 the last residents were removed.[14]

Two days later, from August 25 – 28, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in south Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. On August 29 levees broke in New Orleans, submerging 80% of the city, resulting in 1,836 deaths, and costing $125 billion.[15] Curiously, on August 31 the New York Times ran two articles entitled New Orleans in Peril,[16] and The Battle for Israel’s Future.[17] The name “Katrina” has been retired from the hurricane list,[18] and four months later Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke from which he never recovered.[19]


  • Under President Obama’s Administration (2009-17)

Behold the storm of the Lord! Wrath has gone forth, a whirling tempest; it will burst upon the head of the wicked. Jeremiah 30:23 (ESV)

Koenig records that the first term of President Obama’s administration, 2009-12 was characterised by the State Department putting pressure on Israel to resume peace talks, stop settlement construction, and divide Jerusalem.[20] It was also a period characterised by multiple record-breaking tornado disasters that occurred concurrently as the negotiations were taking place.

One example (out of many to choose from) occurred on May 22, 2011. President Obama addressed the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Policy Conference, making these remarks:[21]

“I said that the United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine.  The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state…

“The ultimate goal is two states for two people:  Israel as a Jewish state and the homeland for the Jewish people and the State of Palestine as the homeland for the Palestinian people – each state in joined self-determination, mutual recognition, and peace.” 

Within hours of his speech, Joplin, MO was impacted by an EF-5 tornado, resulting in 161 deaths, making it the deadliest single tornado to strike the US since official records began in 1950.[22]


This truck was left in front of St. Johns Hospital in Joplin, Mo., after the EF5 tornado touched down on May 22, 2011. The power of the tornado’s winds can be seen here by noticing the rear tires of the truck touching the cab. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

But a strange thing happened on September 2, 2010, for within an hour of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying they wouldn’t pressure Israel or the Palestinians to make peace, Hurricane Earl dropped from a Category 4 to a Category 2 hurricane and turned out to sea. A major hurricane the size of Texas that had been forecast to clobber major US east coast cities simply dissipated and avoided significant damage.[23]

He calmed the storm to a whisper, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Psalm 107:29 (BSB)

The path of Hurricane Earl from August 25 through September 6, 2010, which reached its peak on September 2 (the series of red dots). Public Domain. Source: NOAA/[24]
Was this mere coincidence too?
  • Under President Trump’s Administration (2017-21)

President Trump is a great supporter of Israel, but even his presidential term was dogged by disasters as he attempted to broker a peace-for-land deal. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria paralleled the Trump Administration’s extensive Middle East talks pertaining to Israel’s land from August – September 2017.[25]

On September 18, 2017 for instance, President Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and said:[26]

“We’re going to be discussing many things; among them, peace between the Palestinians and Israel — it will be a fantastic achievement.  We are giving it an absolute go.  I think there’s a good chance that it could happen.  Most people would say there’s no chance whatsoever.”

In less than 14 hours, Hurricane Maria jumped from a Category 1 to a Category 5 storm, a jump that is extremely rare (fewer than 3% of all tropical storms strengthen to a Category 5),[27] which devastated Puerto Rico, resulting in 3,059 deaths.[28]

Those three hurricanes were so destructive that their names have been retired from the hurricane list.[29]

Can this be dismissed as yet another coincidence?

  • Under President Biden’s Administration (2021- )

On September 14, 2022, amid a wave of Palestinian terror, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf, reaffirmed Biden’s support for the two-state solution.[30] On September 21, President Biden said:[31]

“A negotiated two-state solution remains, in our view, the best way to ensure Israel’s security and prosperity for the future.”

On September 28 the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield reiterated Biden’s support for the two-state solution, saying:[32]

“From day one, the Biden Administration has been unequivocal in our support for a two-state solution.”

Meanwhile, on a parallel track also beginning on September 14, a tropical depression began, which became Hurricane Fiona on September 22. When it reached Canada, it became the costliest tropical cyclone in Canadian history.[33] On September 23, another tropical depression began, which became Hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on September 28, and left the next day, causing $113 billion dollars in damages. It was the third costliest weather disaster on record worldwide, and the costliest in Florida’s history.[34] Both hurricane names were retired.[35]

How many times can coincidences occur before they become clichéd?

I could go on, but you get the idea.

And all of this results from attitudes towards Jews:

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse… Genesis 12:3 (NIV)

Whoever “touches” Israel negatively is cursed by God Himself, as stated in scripture, and attested to by natural disasters!

So what does this have to do with the US elections in 2024?

US Elections 2024

Every US presidential election cycle I hear the phrase “the stakes couldn’t be higher,” but in 2024 this could finally prove true – with dire consequences for America if history is prologue. For more than one Christian prophetic voice has stated that if America pushes Israel to divide the land, God Himself will divide America in two, with a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault in judgment.[36] We ignore these warnings to our peril, for “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7, NIV).

So it is imperative that America elects senators, members of congress, and a president who are not only pro-Israel, but who do NOT support the two-state solution.

But character also counts. For if the following qualities are expected of elders in a church, how much more do they count when running for president:

Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task. Now the overseer is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of full respect. 1 Timothy 3:1-5 (NIV)

These qualities would disqualify Donald Trump from being an elder in a church, but for some inexplicable reason America’s Christians give him a free pass when they support him without reservation.

Which raises the question, would they elect him to be an elder in their church? If the answer is yes, then that explains why the world rightly decries Christian hypocrisy. But if the answer is no, then why is he considered presidential material? This too is Christian hypocrisy. No wonder the church is impotent in its evangelistic endeavours, with church congregations departing in droves, for “if the salt has lost its saltiness, it is good for nothing, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot” (Matthew 5:13, paraphrased).

Right now, Republicans have a second choice, Nikki Haley, who has solid Israeli credentials from her time as US Ambassador to the UN (2017-18), with none of Trump’s “baggage”! Does the world really need the chaos that a second Trump presidency portends if his first term in office is anything to go by, given his recent comments about NATO and Russia?[37] Based on the qualities listed above for an elder in the church, he disqualifies himself as a candidate.

But there are alarm bells for Democrats too. President Biden, who was initially solidly behind Israel after the Hamas massacre on October 7, 2023, is now changing course, with recent comments that Israel’s military operations in Gaza are “over the top,” and that the suffering of innocent people has “got to stop.”[38] Inexplicably, he still champions the two-state solution[39] despite the murderous intentions of Palestinians towards Jews in general, and Yahya Sinwar’s statement that “October 7 was just a rehearsal”[40] and that “Hamas won’t surrender” in particular![41] If President Biden doesn’t learn from the mistakes his predecessors have made regarding Israel, not only could America suffer a devastating earthquake along the New Madrid fault in judgment, but the Lord may well remove him from office as well. What could possibly be worse for Democrats, for who is their plan B?

I’m not advocating for any political party or candidate here; the critical issue is support for Israel.

The ardent atheist may cavalierly dismiss everything above as pure coincidence, but only “the fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” (Psalm 14:1). I have argued in a previous article that October 7, 2023 was the Birth of the Messianic Era. Because of this, and in the context that history is prologue, I would argue now that the stakes for America and the US elections in 2024 have truly NEVER been higher.

  • Americans: Carefully consider whom you vote for this year.
  • America’s leaders: Carefully consider the catastrophic consequences for dividing Israel.
  • America: Carefully consider your attitudes to Israel, for “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31, NASB).





















[20] Koenig, William. Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel (Christian Publications, McLean, VA: 20147), 249-308.



[23] Ibid., 286.













[36] In 2013, Sadhu, a man with a prophetic ministry, had an angelic visitation. Regarding an earthquake along the New Madrid fault, Sadhu narrates what the angel said to him:

“’This is what will happen to the nation that will divide Israel.’ When he spoke that, a 3-dimensional map of the US appeared beside the angel, and he took his long, huge sword and stabbed directly in the center of the US, and the continent broke into two.” @ 5:50 mark.

In April 2011, Terry Bennett had a vision in which he saw an earthquake along the New Madrid fault, saying:

“Lastly, he [an angel] pointed his finger at a place near the Mississippi River between Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO and showed me a large earthquake occurring along the Madrid Fault. The angel said that many dams in the Tennessee and Ohio valleys in this area around the earthquake would be broken or damaged severely. The major cities of St. Louis, Memphis, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans were effected [sic] along with many other communities.”

In April and May 2008, John Kilpatrick, pastor of the Brownsville revival in Pensacola, was shown in a prophetic vision and dream an earthquake with the names of two towns: Indianola, and Europa. There are two towns called Indianola: one in Illinois, and the other in Mississippi. Europa is in Missouri, and is near the middle of the two. It also happens to be the epicenter of the New Madrid fault. The distance between Indianola, IL and Indianola, MS is 566 miles!






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