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The Conviction of One’s Faith

(Credit Photo: Minna Blumenthal)
(Credit Photo: Minna Blumenthal)

What better way to welcome in the New Year of 2019 then with some inspirational true stories about amazing people and their faith in G-d and doing what’s right.

Recently, I saw firsthand from some special people the miracles that happen when one is charitable and sticks to ones beliefs.  The couple doesn’t just give the standard charity, but they give more (above and beyond)–and I won’t say how much out of respect for them.

Also, in looking at some real estate, they would not pursue a deal, even though it was an incredibly good one, unless they could ensure a key for the door that wouldn’t make them violate the laws of Shabbat.

People willing to do what’s right and also walk away from opportunities–no matter how good–based on their genuine religious beliefs is something that I so respect, and I see that G-d sees it too. Hashem works in amazing ways!  But it is not hidden, it is right there for us to see, if we just open our eyes.

My father always told me that when it comes to G-d and doing what’s right: “Stick to your convictions!”

I pray that G-d blesses the righteous, that he continues to manifest Himself to us and guide us, and that he strengthens us.

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