The cyber-sword of The Lord and Gideon: reclaiming the digital battlefield.

The Caliphate, Pan-Islam and its adherents all are using internet weapons in their Jihad to exterminate Israel and the Jewish people. The Caliphate and its cousin, Iran have as their expressed goal the extermination of the United States and all other infidels as well. In the 7th century the horse camel and sword were the weapons of the spread by conquest of Islam. Today that spirit is growing and been revived again and is expanding and spreading with the acquiescence of a world that has been numbed and dulled by lack of memory and political correctness and inertia by its press and government. What was once the arsenal of democracy is now the second hand store of nations. Nature and political movements abhor a vacuum and the retreat by the United States into a second class world power has allowed an aggressive and merciless Pan Islam to expand and conquer. Hamas, Hezbollah, The Caliphate and the other currently competing adherents will eventually overcome differences and combine under the green banner and work together, that is obvious.

The Bible uses the number 300 as a sign of Israel’s determination to overcome unbelievable odds and survive and triumph. Gideon’s 300 picked men, David’s Mighty Ones, all numbered in 300’s. But Gideon’s 300 bear significance in this instance. The Midianites had gathered a huge army to overwhelm the Israelites. Gideon was ordered by The Almighty to select the 300 best warriors and carry out what many would consider a mad plan. With torches and shophars they would surround the enemy encampment and on command break the clay jars that hid the flame and sound the battle shophar. The suddenness of the lights, the sound of the battle shophars and the ensuing panic caused a retreat that killed more of the enemy than an equal force could have with sword and spear. This is a mirror image of Israel today.

Two major military dictum’s come to mind: take and hold the high ground and “Always mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy, if possible” (attributed to General Thomas J. Jackson, Army of the Confederacy).

Gideon’s men held the high ground when they broke the clay jars with the torches inside and blasted the shofars. They did not engage the enemy on the enemy’s terms or ground. The successful general is the one who selects the battlefield. The Almighty had already done that. The enemy was fatally confused by the suddenness of the attack and overestimated the numbers of the force and the panic resulted in the damage and loss to the invaders.

The enemy is now incorporating sophisticated digital technology for recruiting propaganda and intimidation (video beheadings and news story broadcasts of how “normal” life is in Mosul under The Caliphate done by a hostage BBC-English speaking host) . Hamas and the Palestinian Authority use YouTube music videos to motivate accomplices to “run over the baby” and “how to stab a Jew.” Yet any criticism of Muhammad is an incitement to murder and riot and justified by a cowardly and cowed Western Media and even the Vatican. Use of social media, video production funded by the stable income now available to the Caliphate and the spineless withdrawal of the United States and its corporate media have allowed them to advance and recruit worldwide. They will not need a conquering army, individual Jihadists-online can be an “army of one” many times over. The real terror weapon is digital.

The time is now to “confuse, mystify and deceive the enemy” and hold the high ground. The ability to overwhelm a social media page is available. Comments can pile up and either exhaust the host or cause them to divert energy and personnel elsewhere. Make the comments short and cite sources in a link. Spell-check and edit. Get the first shot in and make it good. We represent a nation and belief in decency that cannot be questioned. The line has been drawn in the sand and we aren’t turning back. We can overwhelm lies and violence with truth and numbers.

There is a site that seeks out YouTube videos and other sites that are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, use that and the overwhelming complaints will usually cause a very political and spasmodic Google to act.

Start or join a social media pro-Israel page, make appropriate and well considered comments: no rants, improper language or miss-spelling. If you are not up to taking online criticism maybe this is not the best way for you to be involved. If you have not updated your security software or malware, do so.

We cannot all enlist or volunteer in the IDF (I’m too darned old and arthritic). But attacking the enemy online where the new battle is enables the brave IDF “Mighty Ones” to be ready to engage the enemy and know that we have their backs. When The Almighty told Gideon the battle plan he was told to have the 300 warriors shout out “The sword of The Lord and Gideon”. Let’s add a little update, “The cyber-sword of The Lord and Gideon”. Give ’em the cold steel and a dose of digital warfare.

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Tom Brennan is a former museum curator, library adminstrator, small business owner, sheriff's deputy, Arabian Breeding Farm Manager, cowboy, farmer and author. He writes for