The day after Operation Protective Edge ends (solutions for cease-fire)

We still don’t know how and if this operation will escalate or end. Unlike the irrelevant US Secretary of State, I am not calling for Israel to end it yet either. Hamas leadership must be brought to its knees and I sincerely hope Israeli politicians and society have the fortitude to allow the IDF to continue its self-defense mission to the end.

Israel wants peace and the international community wants the fighting to end. Currently both Israel and Hamas have continued to reject cease-fire agreements offered by Qatar/Turkey and Egypt.

Id like to offer two ambitious solutions to this current impasse to create a long-term peace with the Gaza Strip.

After all, I have at least as much credibility as JoKerry. 

First: “Better for Israel”
Gaza is currently approaching such a state of uninhabitability that will make Detroit seem like heaven.

Two different articles on Huffington Post (last place to look for pro-Israel bias)  recently pointed to a feasible compromise that both Israel and the international community should support.

One is the invention of ways of turning plastic waste into construction materials. There are already ‘islands’ like this larger than the continental US

The other is the invention of a way to build residential towers without concrete or cranes. 

These are both workable – I believe – and could easily be paid for by the aid money designated to be sent to Gaza (Hamas).

With the strip re-building itself using recycled plastics Israel would not have to worry about the materials being co-opted by terrorists and repurposed for their terrorizing goals.

Second: “Better for Hamas” A US initiative to grant automatic US citizenship to all 8million Israelis. Stage two of this plan is to relocate all Israeli citizens to the United States.

In Summary: 

Compromise is often the most difficult agreement to reach, but well-intentioned folks on both sides of the fence should be seeking out workable ones. May God protect those serving in our defense and watch over all innocents in the danger-zones.

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Nisan Hirsh is from Skokie, IL. He lives in Talpiyot. He's been fighting to Change the Climate by emitting dangerously high levels of CO2 into the blogosphere.
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