The Day After – Part II, Israel

The state of Israel is doomed. I can hardly imagine it surviving the next decade and almost sure it will not celebrate its 100th birthday.

I am aware of the fact that the opening statement is not easy, to say the least, but for my deep sorrow, I truly believe it.

And before we go to “the main of it”, I want to make four preliminary remarks.

First is technical: this post will be long. To my humble understanding, an opinion post/article should be around 700 words, which is the “golden ratio” of this type of articles. I have published very long scientific articles. This article will be way beyond 700 words. An apology is extended to my readers.

Second is technical: this post will contain many external links.

Third I did do any kind of army/security service. So, all my information is based on public media and I have no other sources.

Fourth is very substantial: this “prophecy” is not based on supernatural forces of any kind. I have never had any skill of clairvoyant and it is not based on religious faith: I am atheist. This prediction is completely based on circumstantial evidence and it is written with great sorrow. After all, I have always said that I want to live as a citizen of Israel, despite all hardships.

The two pillars of the Israeli propaganda totally collapsed as a result of the 7th of October 2023 attack by the terror organization of Hamas. First the cyber and spying abilities of Israel. We were brought to believe that the abilities of 8200 unit of the Israeli army, MID (Military Intelligence Directorate, אמ”ן in Hebrew), ISA (Israel Security Agency, שב”כ in Hebrew) and the Mossad (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, המוסד in Hebrew); each one of these and combined, have infinite abilities. We were told that Israeli private cyber companies can very easily put surveillance and track EVERYTHING. Where were these fairy tales prior to the terrorist attack? Why did not they see it coming? The terrorists of Hamas are operating in Gaza, the very doorstep of Israel, why did not they record every word and every action of them? The Israeli media is enslaved by the Army Spokesperson Unit that so proudly present the exposure of terror facilities, especially the terror tunnels. I do not really know if to laugh or cry: digging such huge tunnels is a massive work, why did not the “startup nation” discover while working? Not only that, Israel discovered the financial network of the terror organization in 2018 and chose not to destroy it. But keeping in mind the Qatar-Netanyahu-Hamas millions of dollars suitcases, nothing is not understood here.

There are only two possible answers to these questions. One, the Israeli intelligence agencies did know about all the force building of the terror organization and chose to ignore it. This is an extremely major betrayal. Two, they did not know about it, and this means that an Achilles heel is exposed and a crucial component of the Israeli deterrence is severely damaged. Either case will be one of the catalysts of the civil war that will erupt in Israel after few years (see below).

Two, the legend of the Israeli army as the “the world most moral army”. Well, no one believed this lie outside of Israel anyhow, but the present war totally destroyed it. While writing this post (December 21st, 2023), the death toll of Gazans exceeded 20,000, more than half of them are children. And please save the nonsense reply of “the terror organization of Hamas uses children as human shields”, because the killing of children was one of the war objectives even before the Israeli reaction-attack started. Four days after the terror attach of Hamas, the Israeli army spokesperson declared that the focus of this war is to “make damage, not precision”. And if to translate this statement to simple words: we do not care if we kill the leaders and soldiers of terror, we want mass killing.

The sheer joy of killing Gazan children was intensified with the continuation of the war. Watch this group of Israeli soldiers happiness and enthusiasm. They chant “there are no not-involved”. This means that ever Gazan child is to be killed. But this is only the “appetizer”. The continue with “there is only one commandment that I am strictly committed to fulfill, to erase the remembrance of Amalek”. Now let us remember this Mitzva (commandment) from I Samuel (15,3): “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys”. In the original text it is “have no mercy” instead of “do no spare them”. So, it is children and infants, it is livestock. This is more than crime against humanity. This is more than genocide. This is more than holocaust. And please pay attention, this is not a private militia, this is the very army of the state of Israel.

And the sheer joy of killing went way beyond killing “enemy” children, infants and livestock: it reached killing Israeli hostages, purposely and intentionally, even after they waved a white flag and called “help” in Hebrew. One of them even managed to escape the first shooting and cried again for help, in Hebrew, but the killing pleasure executed him. Father of one of the three victims, Alon Shamriz, said that the shooting was deliberate execution not a mistaken killing. And this can not be explained otherwise because the commander of the shooting force shouted to his soldiers not to shoot but the killing instinct overcame human life.

Now imagine yourself preparing to give your child daughter a gift for her second birthday, what would give? A toy, a rose, a kiss, real or virtual if you are away? Not for some Israeli soldiers. The gift is exploding a building in Gaza. Ideal education for the mental health of the young generations. And the shortage of water, food and other supplies that Gazans suffer due to the Israeli bombardments not only makes no Israeli soldiers feel some mercy to the Gazan children, on the contrary, some of them are so happy to worsen this shortage by destroying civilian shops that have nothing to do with war. Yes, “there are no not-involved”.

But following the changes that occurred in the Israeli society since Benjamin Netanyahu gained power lead directly to the situations described above and to those below, and consequently to the near future destruction of Israel. One of the first actions of Netanyahu that he continued and increased step by step, is excluding his “enemies” out of the Jewish people. Watch him saying to Rabbi Yitzhak Kadoori that leftists have forgotten what is being Jewish”. And he goes even much more dangerous: “they think to give our security to Arab hands”. In simple words, leftists are enemies of Israel. This hatred was directly reflected upon the Israeli right-wing population that became more and more extreme. And if Arabs are always justifiably accused to have violent wedding parties with guns and shooting, watch these Jews dancing in a wedding party, with weapons and tearing apart a photo of Ali Dawabsheh, an infant that was killed by Jewish settler Amiram Ben Uliel.

American Jews are highly supportive of Israel, and most of them feel connected to it. But Netanyahu was destroying even this support, as we learn from several studies. Some of the American Jews adopted radical attitudes such as claiming that Israel was initially founded of Jewish supremacy, and should not have existed. In my humble opinion, this was not the case until Netanyahu took power for the first time. It was racial discrimination against Arabs with no clearly stated Jewish supremacy. Moreover, I completely acknowledge and recognize the right of Jews for an independent state. But Netanyahu and his extreme right partners Nation-State law make it clear that Israel is heading towards apartheid and Jewish supremacy. With Netanyahu in power, these partners declared some of the most horrifying statements. Rabbi Eyal Krim head of Military Rabbinate of the Israeli army, again, not a private institute or organization, said it is permitted to rape enemy women during wars. ISIS? Hamas? Exactly the same. And Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel, the head of the pre-military academy in the West Bank settlement in Eli, says Jews are genetically superior to Arabs. And I thought that Jews are the only nation that should not be reminded of genetic supremacy: it killed 6 million Jews. Sadly enough, some of the Netanyahu leading party members not only are not sad for the six million Jews killed in the holocaust, the are proud of it and wishing more missiles to fall of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. Even death of Jewish victims of the Hamas October terrorist attack is celebrated by rightists, during the war, just because they were peace activists. And after the terror attack on Sarona market in 2016, rightists were rejoicing.

Israel will not survive all this hatred and fascism. With Netanyahu alone the chances of Israel to survive were marginal. With the Netanyahu-Ben-Gvir alliance it is impossible. Younger generations are desperate and seek refuge in smoking and alcohol. This happens during the war, when the Israeli society is supposedly united and before the severe economic crisis that will come in the day after. This alliance is a major threat to the very existence of Israel. Former prime minister Ehud Olmert describes Ben-Gvir and his friends as “enemies (of Israel), butchers, murderers and terrorists”. Ben-Gvir is flooding Israel with machine guns, and Yisrael Avisar who was in charge of the weapons licensing and resigned, said that the Ben Gvir policy will lead to loss of control. And Prof. Rafi Valdan, deputy director of Shiba hospital predicts that Ben Gvir’s weapon will destroy Israel in a civil war. This will erupt when the cannons of the current war will be silenced, wrote journalist Ruvik Rosenthal.

What occurred on October 7th 2023 during the terrorist attack of Hamas is unthinkable. Killing, rape and beheading. It also humiliated the Israeli self-esteemed machoism. But this can never be an excuse for the extreme violence against Gazans, in the West Bank and inside Israel. With the Netanyahu-Ben-Gvir regime the Yuval Kastelman killing will be the norm in Israel. The fundamentalism has won. This racist alliance will lead Israel to extinction. Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård (one of my most favorites) who played the role of Cerdic, king of the Saxons in the “King Arthur” movie, represented a very powerful, vicious, yet racist kingdom. It vanished. Knesset Member Michal Shir who was Netanyahu’s partner in the Likud party, speaks to Netanyahu in these shockingly precise words: You are robbing the bearers of the burden and the victims of the massacre. You became Hamas collaborator and financed it. You will be remembered eternally in disgrace, Benjamin son of Tsila and Ben-Tsion Netanyahu, destroyer of modern Israel. You bought a holocaust upon us”.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.