The day the world almost went black..

On Tuesday, the world almost went black for me.

Retinal hemorrhage they call it. In layman terms, a bleed was blocking my vision.

Very scary stuff.

The doctor, a very nice man, tried to make it sound less than it was. He put a shot in my eye to help absorb the blood. He says it should go away over time.

In the last two years, I have had three strokes and open heart surgery. I am really getting over doctors, even though they are my employers.

Today, I thought about my Daddy and something he always said “If life seems too tough, laugh.”

I laugh, I live. I enjoy life.

Maybe that is the key. Keep laughing. Keep living. Keep enjoying life. And I intend to do that.

About the Author
Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.