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The Deal of the Century ‘is not a gift’ (UBS CEO)

World Economic Forum headquarters (Wikipedia CC BY 4.0)
World Economic Forum headquarters (Wikipedia CC BY 4.0)

“To be the operation of the century, we have to work hard over the next 2 or 3 years, it’s not a gift, there’s nothing free, so there’s still a lot of work to be done”,

said, during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sergio Ermotti, the CEO of UBS, Switzerland’s largest wealth management bank in the world, that absorbed Crédit Suisse’s nazi heritage unveiled by Pedro Filipuzzi and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, further supported by US Senate, criticizing the bank for not reviewing all available records when conducting an internal probe into the historical servicing of Nazi-linked accounts, according to an investigation published by Neil Barofsky reinstated after being removed as ombudsman to oversee the bank’s internal investigation. Chuck Grassley and Sheldon Whitehouse of the Senate Budget Committee said the Swiss bank obstructed a years-long investigation and

“a lucid and historically comprehensive assessment of Credit Suisse’s handling of accounts linked to Nazism requires that the painful facts be addressed head-on, not brushed aside.”

Let’s hear Pedro Filipuzzi speak about it. 

Pedro Filipuzzi: After being expelled from Credit Suisse, Neil Barofsky took office again but this time at UBS ….that happened December 4th, 2023 (My own birthday !!!…best present I’d received since 2019 at the London School of Economics and Political Science) …

Neil Barofsky asked for a digitized copy of my book with 12.000 nazi names and accounts through Dr. Ariel Gelblung from Simon Wiesenthal Centre and with 64.000 accounts brought by Barofsky himself, he began to search through every Aryanized asset derived from the Schweitzerische Kreditundstalt.

The first positive step was the confirmation of 98 Nazi accounts and the opening up of the origin of 33 million mortgages all over Europe spawn from the plundering of Jews before and during WWII.

Barofsky organized a Team inside UBS devoted to analyzing historical mortgages, assets, accounts, and derivatives born after WWII ….as a political backup Mr Ira Forman from the State Department and the World Jewish Congress are working closed quarters with Barofsky.

Earnest is a policy in Barofsky… that’s the reason why there are not news cause it’s so much data they need a big Team of 33 lawyers working 10 hs/day in Zurich. But the almost 100 Nazi accounts found by Barofsky are opening up a new venue to find new answers regarding nazi plundering during WWII. Mr. David Herro from Harris Associated in New York is helping Barofsky too….

David Herro used to be the most important Credit Suisse’s investor at the time of that Bank’s demise. Be seeing you Alex!!!

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