Marc Goldberg

The sad depths BDS will sink to

A great deal has been written about BDS but in this case their image speaks a lot louder than their words.

In fact words fail me.


I’m not sure how one can feel anything but outrage upon seeing it.


The “cartoonist” who created the above image is known as “Mr Fish” he has spoken about this particular image and his thoughts in general. He doesn’t seem to be as proud of his work as he implies, his real name is nowhere to be found. The site’s here and his statement is reproduced below, it is essentially the argument made by BDS activists the world over:

I wouldn’t necessarily call my cartoon a “Israel as Nazi” cartoon. Drawing Olmert with a swastika on his forehead or soldiers of the IDF as stormtroopers is lazy and inflammatory and too simplistic. I wanted, rather, to point up the irony that a group of people who were famously and tragically slaughtered by a powerful state would, following their torture, be transplanted to a new place and given a state that would ultimately grow powerful and then would commence in slaughtering another group of largely defenseless, malnourished, terrorized and hopeless people. I imagined that the parents and grandparents of those perpetrating the attacks on Gaza, specifically the survivors of the Holocaust, would empathize more with the agony of the Palestinians that the brutality of the Israeli government. It’s like the rape victim becoming the rapist. People, for some reason, won’t even entertain the irony I suggest, assuming instead that the horror of Germany’s treatment of the Jews would somehow make all Jews hypersensitive to that kind of brutality and the last ones to perpetrate such egregious crimes against humanity. Seems that too many people expect not only great lessons to come from well publicized mass slaughter, but lasting ones as well, which history doesn’t bear out. The Armenian holocaust didn’t prevent the Jewish holocaust, nor did the Jewish holocaust teach the lesson to Israel that people should not be forced into ghetto existence and systematically terrorized and ultimately murdered with great technological proficiency. Also, everybody knows about both World Wars – you can’t get any more public than that – and both of those wars ended with a global promise of “never again.” Some promise.

I should also say that I’ve been getting many more notes of praise for my cartoons on what’s happening in Gaza than I did when I criticized Israel for going into Lebanon in 2006. Something about the obvious criminality of Israel’s actions seem to be making those typically apologetic for state-led terror against middle eastern people much less vocal about the buffoonery of their prejudice.

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Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada