The Difference between Us and Them

There really are no adequate words to describe the pain and bewilderment about what is going on in Israel. For me, the whole story creates many emotions; emotions of agony, pain, frustration, and shock. The thought that Dafna Meir was murdered in front of her children creates a sense of agony for which there is no comfort. That the international community basically paid no attention to her horrific murder, while terrible, is no surprise. But what really gets me, is how the father of the murderous terrorist is quoted as saying that he is proud of his boy, for knifing a young mother of 6 to death in front of her children. That, I don’t relate to.

A few weeks ago, my wife prepared some food for a woman who had recently undergone a significant surgery. My kids wrote get well cards to this lady, and we brought the food and cards over to their house. This family who knows my parents, told them about what we had done, and my parents told me that they were proud of us. In the Jewish culture, parents experience pride when their children do acts of loving kindness. In this warped Palestinian culture, parents feel pride when their children massacre innocent Jews. That is the difference between us and them; it truly is as simple as that. As long as our “peace partners” shep nachas  when their children butcher Jews, there cannot be peace. It is as simple as that.

About the Author
Rabbi Daniel Wolfe recently became the Director for JewPro, the Young Adult Division of the Jewish Experience of Denver, Colorado. For the last three years prior, he was a campus rabbi at SUNY Albany for Aish New York. He holds a BA From Brandeis University, double majoring in Politics and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. He enjoys writing, and maintains an active blog.