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The Disgrace That Is Double Standards

Credit: Israelly Cool
Credit: Israelly Cool

Any violence against civilians is downright disgusting, but I cannot accept double standards.

Many have leapt on the recent spate of arson attacks on the Palestinian village of Huwara by a few hundred vigilantes, using this to point fingers and draw some sort of moral equivalence.

Firstly, we need to understand the context. Wrong as they were, these attacks were perpetrated by those heartbroken and furious following the murder of two young Israeli brothers in Huwara, slaughtered at point blank range by a terrorist opportunist as they sat in traffic.

Not just that, Huwara has been a terrorism hotspot for many years.

Imagine what it’s like, to lose loved ones but then see celebrations on masse by thousands on the Palestinian side? Every single time. To know that this was incited by horrific cartoons and kindergarten performance simulations.

I myself have lost someone dear to me to senseless terror and know the feeling of fury and helplessness that comes after.

To see this repeat time after time, with nothing changing. To know that ‘shahidom’ (martyrdom) is aspired to by a majority of Palestinians and dying by killing a Jew is the ultimate reward? Not to mention the pay-for-slay bounty given out to terrorists or their families should their mission be successful.

Again, this does not condone the vigilante actions. Violence against civilians is not the answer.

Not only was this condemned but huge reparations have been made, with Israelis donating over NIS 1 million within less than 24 hours for Palestinian victims of the rampage, whose homes and businesses were destroyed.

This is certainly admirable but also like extending a hand into the lions den and then wondering why it gets bitten off.

Do you think this money is appreciated or even acknowledged? The dehumanization and hatred of all of us as ‘settlers’ who deserve death persists and no amount of money will change that.

But I stress, these were the actions of a few, not many – proven by how this was widely condemned by the majority of Jews and Israelis, including the ‘right wing’ Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Herzog and Finance Minister Smotrich, even so called ‘extremist’ Ben Gvir, who all called on the vigilantes “not to take the laws into their own hands” but instead let the IDF do its job, searching for the terrorist who killed two Israeli brothers earlier in the day.

I’m also wondering where the money is for the families of the terror victims, those who were slaughtered without a second thought, whose deaths were celebrated all round, from young to old, handing out candies and letting off fireworks.

Where is the Palestinian money for the Israeli civilians they routinely target and kill?

As pointed out earlier, money is given by the PA as a reward to the killers, not reparations for the victims.

That is the difference between us and them and you cannot deny it.

So-called human rights defenders: you are against killing civilians, right? You are against racism, right? But you only seem to speak up when Jews are the perpetrators. And you don’t speak up when anyone else kills Palestinians. You don’t demand boycotts of any other regimes.

Killing civilians is only wrong when one party does it? So racism and war crimes are ok in the right situation?

You don’t get to call yourselves anti-racist anti-war or anything else good. If you’re not consistent in your principles then you’re racist and traitors in principle to every victim of racism.

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Naomi is a freelance writer and Jewish/Israel activist. Keep up with her on Instagram and Tiktok: @partisanprincess
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