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The disgusting lie of the gaza genocide narrative

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I think it’s on point to start with January 6 2021.

At first it might not be clear what this has to do with the subject of my article but hear me out.

When people on the left, and I’m including the mainstream media who has had a big role in perpetuating this lie, talk of January 6 they call it “an insurrection”. Trump, they say, led an insurrection. They do not present it as: “Trump may have been encouraging what MIGHT have been an attempt at insurrection.”

No, no, no, no, that’s not bashing enough, not incriminating enough. Trump led the insurrection of January 6. Not a possible constitutional situation the US might have faced, again, no, FACT, it did happen and anyone denying it might as well deny the sun is in the sky.

Never mind that no one was arrested with a weapon, they were pretty much let in by the Capitol police and more importantly, after 3 years, NOT ONE was charged with the crime. It does not matter, the insurrection of January 6 was a reality and anyone talking otherwise is a crazy conspiration theorist and a q-anon right wing nut job.

Another example of how the media and left at large have simply highjacked the narrative is Charlottesville.

Again, same thing. The media just plasters a narrative and whoever dares try to look at it in a calm, collected and logical manner is called a “right wing weirdo who supports white supremacy.”

Trump did not say that Neo nazis are good people, in fact he explicitly denounced them in his “good people on both sides” speech (….”and I’m not referring to Neo nazis and white supremacists who should be totally condemned.”)

Yet, the media edited that part out, pushed the ‘supporting Neo nazis’ narrative when his unedited full speech is easily available on Youtube. That’s the crazy thing.

This begs the question: How the hell people fall for an obvious engineered narrative again and again and again (and again) when the truth is out there?

For the 30’s when Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini or later on Mao and Castro got the sheep population on their side, you can say: “Well they had no other sources of information.” and you’d be right.

But what’s the excuse today?

As I said, in the case of the “both sides” Trump’s speech, the unedited version (less than 5 minutes for the super lazy people) is freely available!


My answer to that is a mix of several factors.

Tribalism, ego, intellectual laziness, the fear of being proven wrong, bias that makes you willfully ignore facts, not caring about the truth, cheerleading for a team no matter what, etc….

The answer thus is both simple and scary.

People don’t give a fuck about the truth, they want to be led according to their political/social views and damn logic and rigorous investigation.

Of course there are exceptions, but this complete lack of critical thinking is overwhelmingly present with the population voting for what we consider the left, this, all over the western world and it leads us to the present bogus ‘reality’ of an actual genocide being committed in the Gaza Strip.

Not just for fun or as an intellectual exercise I presented the case of Donald Trump. The same technique to get people raving against him for things he did not said is in full swing here to convince the masses that a genocide in gaza is under way and again, anyone trying to apply cold logic to analyse the situation is violently attacked and accused of supporting the wanton murder of thousands.

That’s the big tactic of the left to basically push false narratives down the masses throat, the “HOW DARE YOU?” (to quote Greta Thunberg).

You are not allowed to think, reflect, analyse a given narrative and since the left knows full well what they push does not hold to scrutiny they engineer ‘outrage’ so anyone questioning the narrative is insulted, pushed and even physically molested so they fear expressing doubt of the accepted narrative.

This tactic of intimidation has given results like I showed with Trump. Let’s take another example from the US. When DeSantis passed a law saying parents should be consulted when schools were discussing sexual issues with kids, the left called it “the don’t say gay” bill when the word gay is nowhere to be seen in the draft.

Again, like clockwork, anyone pointing this was given the “HOW DARE YOU” treatment and accused of siding with gay persecution.

By now this scare tactic is true and proven so it was obviously only a matter of time before the woke nut jobs would use it for the situation in gaza and lo and behold, this is exactly the case.

The supposed ‘genocide’ in gaza is presented as an objective fact and anyone even questioning its veracity is complicit with genocide.

But what is a genocide? Let’s start with this basic question which should be at the root of any discussion on the subject.

“The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.”

This is from the Oxford dictionary.

Is there a genocide actually going on in gaza? The short answer is no. The long answer is also no.

Want example of genocides? The systematic killing of the Armenian people by the Turks during WW1. The Holocaust is another. The deliberate and systematic murder of no less than hundreds of thousands of Tutsis by the Hutus in Rwanda in just a few weeks in what may be the most efficient genocide in recent human history.

Do you know what else was a real genocide? Hamas AND gaza civilians entering Yisraeli kibbutzim and systematically killing, beheading, burning and raping anyone in their path, including babies in their cribs, while filming everything in 4K on their Go-Pro cameras. THAT, was a genocide. THIS, was an intentional attempt at eradicating every Jew living in the south of Yisrael.

7th of October 2023 was the clear will of the people of gaza to do a modern holocaust. Anyone refusing to admit it is a holocaust denier.

The left and the anti-capitalist ‘progressives’ (they should be called regressives really) were at their wit’s end to see the overwhelming support for Yisrael following the terrible day of October 7 and so have decided to counter attack to be able to go back to what comforts them the most, the good old kike hatin…. euh, sorry, Jew…. oops my bad, antisem…. I MEAN anti-Zionism.

Equipped with what they see as ‘moral superiority’, these brainwashed morons think that we Jews are ‘white’ colonisateurs invading a ‘brown’ land to steal its ressources. Complete nonsense of course, but more and more of these gullible fools convince themselves that supporting gaza and alleviating what hamas did on October 7 is the pathway to self enlightenment and the epitome of justice.

These people are a bunch of self deluded narcissists suffering from a deeply misplaced savior complex and in their attempt to justify hamas, they, of course, have fully endorsed the false narrative of a supposed Yisraeli genocide of gazans.

There’s just one problem, there is no genocide, none, niet, nada.

Like the “good white supremacists” or “don’t say gay” bill, the media and the well financed anti-Yisrael left and their muslim allies push a narrative that is a myth from its conception.

As you saw earlier in the definition, a genocide is an act backed by a political will to exterminate a targeted group. Like hamas did on October 7.

Several factors that the anti-Yisrael crowd conveniently ‘forgets’ make the accusation of genocide blatantly false.

First and foremost, you don’t call a population to vacate a place you’re about to bomb, giving them the means and time to do it, when you intend a genocide. You want to leave them in the targeted area so you can kill as many of them as possible, thus realizing your genocidal objective of exterminating them.

Second, when you’re committing a genocide you don’t let in HUNDREDS of trucks with food and medication every single day to be given to the population you’re trying to genocide.

Third, as we have enough firepower to kill everyone in gaza (that is fenced on all sides and only 360 km square) in a week, you don’t have barely 1% of the population killed after almost half a year. If we intended to exterminate everyone in gaza we wouldn’t have entered ground troops losing already over 200 soldiers. If we truly had genocide in mind we would have napalmed the whole thing and it would not have taken half a year either.

Obviously the very idea of a genocide going on in gaza is ludicrous and any reasonable person looking at this objectively, not skipping inconvenient facts, has to admit that yes, while war is terrible and THERE are many uninvolved people that have paid with their lives, hardly avoidable when hamas military infrastructure is in almost every home, there is no intended systematic eradication of every gazan because if there was, you would not have 20 or 30 thousands killed but almost 2 millions.

Another supposed ‘proof’ of genocide that South Africa raised in the International court is the declarations made by several Yisraeli public figures and politicians.

This shows a deep misunderstanding of what is a genocide, notwithstanding the fact that many of these declarations like “We’ll wipe them all” and so forth, have ‘conveniently’ been edited, suspiciously ‘forgetting’ the full context of the quote, like referring to hamas and not every gaza citizen.

Moreover, it does not matter what someone might say, even if that person is a member of the government. A genocide is based on actions and policies and if a minister, say Ben Gvir for example, says something but the policy decided in the cabinet is something else (like entering trucks to give food and medications to gazans), his declarations bear absolutely ZERO weight to judge that a genocide, according to the international law, is occurring.

Likewise, Yisraelis saying “Awesome” when gaza is bombed is again completely irrelevant to judge if a genocide is going on.

The only thing that do attest that a genocide is occurring is if there are clear political instructions to the army to systematically target every citizen of a specific group in the intent to exterminate said group. And THAT my dear readers, is just not happening. The opposite is true. We have displaced a considerable amount of people from the north and center of gaza SPECIFICALLY not to kill them by the truckload.

So, either we suck at genocide or the supposed genocide in gaza is nothing but a vicious lie directed at Yisrael to force it to stop the operation in gaza and delegitimize its image on the international stage.

I think that for someone who does not harbor antisemitic sentiments or is not a self-hating Jew who is ashamed that the Jewish state even exists, an objective look at the facts will prove that, again, while there is war and war is terrible and yes, many uninvolved people have lost their lives, there is no systematic and directed attempt by the IDF to exterminate every gazan in the strip. It’s just not true and saying it is doesn’t make it truer.

If you see someone attacking you while screaming “free palestine” while shouting in your face: “How dare do you support genocide?”, you know you have in front of you an emotionally and intellectually weak person who has been brainwashed by his peers to believe in something that doesn’t even exists.

You know you’ve already won the debate but not the narrative for we see in colleges and universities how easily they get brainwashed over there.

Therefore, Jews and friends of Yisrael, we must fight the false narrative at every opportunity and do not fear to call these brainwashed idiots on their bs. There is no genocide in gaza and the IDF is not doing the Jewish version of the holocaust. Don’t let antisemites stump you or coward you into silence. It ain’t happening and the IDF is doing the maximum possible under the circumstances to avoid civilian deaths. The numbers are provided by hamas and that’s already questionable. As is their quick conclusions like in the case of the hospital that was NOT bombed (the rocket landed in the parking lot), by the IDF (it was a failed rocket by the islamic jihad) and NOT 500 hundred people were killed. Notice how fast the western media jumped on that lie and how they had to retract afterwards.

Do not feel shame to say that there is no genocide because this does not make you a holocaust denier since THERE IS NO GENOCIDE (unlike what hamas did on October 7).

Facts are with Yisrael, we have displaced the population, we distribute aid every day and we are VERY far from using our full potential in gaza.

The reason for those is because we do not want to exterminate every gazan. The only thing we want is to have returned ALL the hostages and if they were to ALL returned tomorrow, this nightmare for gazans would be over.

But hamas does not give one shit about its own people neither do the antisemites around the world who scream for cease-fire but not for an immediate release of ALL the hostages.

Releasing the hostages is the key and the longer hamas drags this, the longer people of gaza will pay the price.


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