The Disrupter-in-Chief

Barry, “What peace process?”, you ask.

*The peace process that was carefully and painstakingly crafted by the enemies of the Jews.

*The peace process that was designed to eventually lead to the annihilation of our people by the Muslim countries, their supporters, collaborators, and enabler‘s.

*The peace process that was designed to strike fear, uncertainty, doubt, and suspicion in the hearts of the Israeli Jewish justice warriors to wear down there resistance and eventually surrender.

*The peace process that put a smile on the face of every anti-Semite on the planet each time the world media condemned Israel for defending itself.

*The peace process that Jerusalem-based international fake journalists followed with an unhealthy anticipation for each development that gave them the opportunity to repeat the same distortions of truth over and over again.

*The peace process that the anti-Semites in the US State Department bureaucrats made “permanent” US Middle East policy.

*The peace process that was designed to drive a wedge between Israelis and the American diaspora.

*The peace process that Barack Obama and John Kerry incessantly tried to jam down the throats of the Israeli Prime Minister and expected their HRC successor to finish the job.

* The peace process that required Israel to concede everything and the Palestinians to concede to nothing.

*The peace process that far too many Jewish organizations and institutions openly supported.

THAT bleeping peace process.

And, once again, the deplorables got the disruption that they wanted and that the Disrupter -in-Chief promised. A miracle on the order of the Chanukah story, that gave the Maccabees a fighting chance.

There are shockwaves reverberating throughout the anti-Semitic world because of the realization that the money, time, energy, and emotional currency that they invested in their deceitful “peace process”, and their unity. has been summarily disrupted. For a while, we will continue to hear condemnations and the gnashing of teeth and watch the ringing of hands. But, soon they will have to go back to their “drawing boards”.

These are the days of miracles. From my entire family, past, present, and future, we wish you and yours a most happy Chanukah.

Ron Dolinsky




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