The Dreaded Plague of Ani-itis

I have turned off my television of Israeli news channels and have turned for saner news from BBC, CNN, Fox News and the French broadcasting system.

I am simply and totally fed up watching the nightly appearances of our lame prime minister. In more than 100 affected countries in the world, national leaders may appear once a week to rely information and to assure the public of precautions.

Not so in Israel. The destroyer of our democracy appears nightly. Can you count the number of times his statements begin with the word :Ani”…I, me? “I said… I did… I went… I heard… I informed… I believe…,
I want…. I insist” …and the I’s go on endlessly.

In a very frank op-ed piece our esteemed and wise editor, David Horovitz, has written an important piece for all of our concerns. In “Coronavirus or Democracy?”, he asks the most important question which demands a reply from every citizen of the State of Israel.

“Which crisis should Israelis be more worried about? We have a deeply mistrusted Netanyahu who himself conflates national, political and personal interests”.

Coronavirus, as deadly as it can be, is the prime weapon for a mistrusted prime minister to enhance his personal status.

Ehud Olmert wrote in the JERUSALEM POST, “What is Netanyahu fighting for? “. In his well-written commentary he insists (and seems to be the truth) that “Netanyahu is not waging a war against the coronavirus. He is managing a war for his own survival and nothing else”.

I would wager a bet that most Israelis would agree. Dislike, turning into hatred, of an egoistic maniac who fails to govern, is becoming more visible on our horizon.

He and his ego are fed several times a day by a domineering wife and by an irresponsible son.

Yossi Verter in HA-ARETZ daily newspaper defines Yair Netanyahu, the foul-mouthed idiotic son of prime minister Bibi Netanyahu as “the scourge of Twitter” following his recent ridiculous comments.

We cannot know when the pandemic will go away but one thing is certain: all of us will be healthier once the prime minister and his family go away. They are no longer wanted or needed and yet Netanyahu will continue to appear on nightly television informing us of “what I am doing, what I am preparing, what I. I and I go on in the egoistic swan song of a man whose legacy has now been tarnished.

His cohort and main political supporter, Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of our Knesset, has deigned to shut down our democratic parliament thereby removing democracy from our weakened government.

In this one-sided action (no doubt at the bequest of the prime minister) President Rivlin has accused him of attempting to stifle democratic voices in the Knesset. The courts, likewise, have demanded that the Knesset be kept open. Coronavirus, not withstanding, Israel must remain a democratic nation without racism. The virus of hatred or contempt for the twenty percent of our national minority population must be forever wiped away from the mouths of Zionist members of our government.

It began with the dreamer of our State, Theodor Herzl, who envisioned equality for all citizens in the Jewish state. It has been upheld by every following leader in Israel and the statement of equality for all members of the minority population in our newly independent nation in 1948 was very clearly written into our Declaration of Independence.

Perhaps Netanyahu has forgotten to read it carefully. He is the only Israeli elected leader who has acted corruptly against the Muslim and Christian Arab population, against the Druze, Circassians and Beduin.

The Kahol-Lavan party had as its motto “putting Israel first”. Netanyahu’s creed is to “put Netanyahu first”. He cannot accept being anyone less than the office of prime minister which he now disgraces.

We can no longer endure the dastardly plague of “Ani-itis”. Netanyahu must be silenced by any and all democratic means.

As Ehud Olmert wrote about Netanyahu “He is managing a war for his own survival and nothing else”.

He has become a national tragedy.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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