The end of the Argentinean civilization by Carlos Maslaton

Maslaton on TV
Maslaton on TV

Since the full lockdown imposition in Argentina, just over a month ago, the Argentine peso lost more than 30% of its value against the US dollar. Inflation, which hovered around 50% per year, increased at a similar rate and the brand-new president, who a few months ago was negotiating with the country’s creditors, has already announced that the external debt is not going to be paid.

Argentina’s economic collapse is not a big surprise and the coronavirus crisis is not the main cause of the catastrophe. I’ve written about this in the past, any economist could have foreseen the inevitable result of years and years of disastrous economic behavior by this South American country.

But at least one person in Argentina believes that this is not just another economic collapse, as normally happens in Argentina every 5-10 years, but more of an apocalypse of biblical proportions.

Carlos Maslaton has huge number of loyal followers in Facebook Argentina (and quite a few haters). His life story is the history of the Jewish people, because according to his autobiography, Carlos reached Canaan with the patriarch Abraham from Ur-Caldea, he was a slave in Egypt with the Israelites, participated in the conquest of the promised land with Yehoshua Bin Nun, then arrived in Syria after an exile in Spain, and from there directly to Argentina.

Maslaton, a non-practicing lawyer, is an expert in financial markets and a technical analyst. His forecasts often shock economists, especially when they materialize, which happens frequently.

Two recent examples of his exact predictions were the recovery of the world stock markets after the fall caused by the global epidemic, and the total collapse of oil prices that he had anticipated some time ago (by the way, he predicts the conclusion of the bear market and affirms that oil is on the rise, information to take into account if you want to take a chance and buy yourself a barrel)

It is difficult to explain in a short article how colorful and eccentric is the figure of Maslaton: A kind of Argentinean neocon, with extreme liberal views economically. He labeled Mauricio Macri’s right wing Argentinean government as Marxist, but nevertheless voted for him in the previous elections.

In another election, he voted for Christina Kirchner whose party he compared to the National Socialist Party. And in the last electoral campaign, he unconditionally supported the current president, Alberto Fernández, whom he now calls a Maoist dictator, due to the imposition of lockdown regulations by the state.

But politics is not the only thing that interests Maslaton. In the popular column that he posts on Facebook, he teaches his followers how many times to soap up in the shower (6), how a real liberal is supposed to fly (coach, seat at 90 degrees) and what food is not to be eaten (tangerines).

Carlos is a devoted Zionist, the most bitter debate I have with him is whether criticizing the State of Israel is allowed or prohibited. He scolds me every time I dare question the government policy.

“Nevo,” he says, “You understand nothing.” My attempts to convince him that criticism and opposition in a democratic country are important and beneficial, meet relentless resistance. “Israel is not a normal country, a Jew does not criticize a Jew,” he says, while criticizing me harshly.

Maslaton visits Israel every year, his mother and sister live there. He also contributes to the Israel Defense Forces, and is proud of his injuries sustained in an attack on the military jeep in which he was traveling on a tour of Gush Katif visiting the Givati ​​Brigade.

This was Maslaton’s closest encounter with a war event, despite having flown to war zones all over the world to “verify the state of affairs” as he often says.

In his opinion, war is the pinnacle of human existence, a heroic sacrifice for the nation and homeland. Economically liberal, but far from being a libertarian.

There is no economist in Argentina who does not read his economic forecasts and, I suspect, there is no politician whose name has not reached his ears, since on Twitter he usually addresses them personally.

Maslaton is occasionally invited on television and radio programs to impart his economic teachings that are theoretically fascinating, but in my humble opinion, seem politically very difficult to fulfil.

I cannot verbally translate Maslaton’s technical analysis. Elliot waves and Fibonacci series are like foreign language to me. But I will try to briefly present the economic and social implications of the picture it paints.

According to the calculations of the Prophet Maslaton we are witnessing the end of a process that began 54 years ago. In the coming months, he awaits the end of wave 5 of 3 (for those who know what it means), which according to him will break the spirit of the weak, who will experience terrible moments of panic, economic collapse and despair.


But this is only a prelude to what awaits us in 2021. According to calculations, in October 2021 the end of Argentine civilization will come. Before this latest fatal blow, a fictitious recovery awaits us, a kind of swan song, in the form of a 300-400% increase that will bring hope to everyone, but then Argentina will disintegrate.

All assets will evaporate, not only financial but also the value of physical assets will fall into the abyss.

Maslaton anticipates the end of the entire political-economic framework of the country, a Mad Max style dystopia.. The zombies will walk along the wide avenues of the city (well, the zombie part he didn’t actually mentioned).

The streets will become a battlefield, the central government will collapse and it will not be able to provide protection to civilians. People will resort to crime and violence, abandon their friends and family to survive, and nothing will be left of Argentina as we know it.

Only a handful of people who are physically and mentally prepared to deal with a disaster of this magnitude (including of course Maslaton, whose autobiography indicates that he is invincible and immortal) will form the hard core of Argentina’s reconstruction process. This time, as a Latin American capitalist, Amerindian third world country. Far from Argentina today, which pretends to be a pseudo European style Social democracy, a model of country that Maslaton detests.

If all of this sounds to you like Mayan calendar doomsday predictions, then you’re not alone.

On the other hand, I have seen too many of Carlos Maslaton’s economic predictions come true to underestimate this one, at least in its economic aspect. On the political matters we never saw eye to eye.

If his opinion of Israel interests you, you will be glad to hear that he envisions a bright future. Keep in mind though, that Maslaton believes Bibi is a leader of the scale of Moses, Yehoshua, Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiva, so take it for what it for what it’s worth. On the other hand, remember that he knew all these historical figures personally, so who knows.

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Born in Israel in 1964, Guy lives in Argentina since 1996 where he dedicates his time to entrepreneurship, being the founder of three Internet companies, while also finding the time to blog in English, Spanish and Hebrew.