The Era of ‘Anti’

The fight against climate change.

The fight against cancer.

The fight against poverty.

The War on Terror









Anti Defamation League (applies to Jews only. One is apparently allowed to defame all others.)

Anti-Semitism (often times propagated by Semites themselves.)

Antioxidants (whatever the heck those are.)


It seems like our entire existence is predicated on either avoiding/running away from something or someone, or waging war against it, with the intention of actually winning.

Interestingly enough, the only two movements that  have gained any traction—so much so that their battle has gone all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, and seems to dominate the national conversation at any given moment—have been the folks holding up the ‘Pro-Choice’ and ‘Pro-Life’ signs at every protest.

These are not mere marketing gimmicks. These two movements exhibit a deep understanding of not only human psychology but the very mysterious yet never-failing ‘Law of Attraction’.

It’s the stuff slogans and their respective winning presidential campaigns are made of.

Yes We Can!

Make America Great Again!

Thousand Points of Light.

For People, For a Change

Building a Bridge to the 21st Century

It seems that those who often succeed at propagating movements understand the same thing which our sages and Kabbalists have understood for millenia.

At the risk of channeling Democratic candidate and Jewess flower child in Marianne Williamson, allow me to quote the former Chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel, HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook from his famous work Arpilei Tohar:

“The pure righteous do not complain of the dark, but increase the light; they do not complain of evil, but increase justice; they do not complain of heresy, but increase faith; they do not complain of ignorance, but increase wisdom.”

Instead of presenting actual ideas of their in order to better our world, Antifa fight what they perceive to be a force of darkness ie Donald Trump…and not surprisingly, Trump continues on.

Poverty, corruption and terror still exist, despite all our collective efforts against them. Cancer still plagues us, despite our claims of a cure. We sink deeper into anxiety and depression, as we mask them with our seemingly endless menagerie of pills.

The “establishment” still rules. Wars continue to break out on occasion. And despite all of our expensive nips and tucks, we all age and eventually fade to dust.

Looks like this ‘anti’ stuff ain’t working out so well now is it?

At this point you may be asking yourself: who is this guy and why do I suddenly need a drink (or 5)?

Well here’s more for you to say a l’chaim on:

As utterly played-out and often lethal as their ideas are, Social Justice Warriors and socialists all over the world are trying their darnest to bring solutions, which is why their movement has succeeded in the modern era, to an extent.

But every time they seem to build momentum, they immediately stumble back into all that pesky “anti” and “the fight against” stuff.

“We must fight income inequality!”

Notice how that still exists.

Maybe a solution is to build…instead of taking from those who have built something from nothing, more often than not. (Obama’s famous “you didn’t build that” not withstanding).

And those who have built, have done so in part via the utilizing the aforementioned Law of Attraction.

In fact, they have cornered the market in that arena…hence they are aptly dubbed: “The 1%”.

And the rest of us? Well…much like the SJWs, Antifa and the rest of their ilk…We Resist!!

The Law of Attraction contains within it a guiding principle, made famous by Carl Jung:

What you resist…persists.

For more on this, see the presidential election of 2004…ie “Anybody but Bush.” How’d that work out for ya folks?

Want to know why the ideas of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—as utterly absurd as they are and as utterly boneheaded as she is — have gotten consideration from like-minded “intelligentsia” in both the media and in US congress?

Want to know why someone like a Greta Thunberg has garnered international acclaim overnight?

Because they are both for something…as low-resolution the thought process behind that something is.

Unfortunately for AOC and Greta, no one, not even the limousine-leftists in governments across the globe, would like to fork over their hard-earned (or stolen) American greenbacks or Bitcoin for what they’re both proposing.

Unfortunately for us, we are still forced to continue to listen to both of them harp on about their brilliant ideas, and watch as their underage minions follow them off a cliff like migratory lemmings.

Why? Because despite not understanding basic math and economics, they do understand and use the Law of Attraction.

I’ll end with a quote from Sacha Baron Cohen’s recent mockumentary “Who Is America?”, where one of Cohen’s many characters, in this case conservative redneck journalist Billy Wayne Ruddick, attempts to stump Bernie Sanders using fuzzy math:

“Lets move the 99% into the 1%!”

Believe it or not, it’s possible…and we don’t have to take pitchforks and torches to the already existing 1% to do it.

About the Author
Born in Ukraine and grew up in the NYC metro area. After working as a trader on Wall St. for 8 years, made aliyah in 2010. After living in Jerusalem, Tzvi returned to NYC and started a company to import boutique wines from Judea & Samaria. He uses his business and my website as a vehicle educate young Jews about Israel, the Middle East and Judaism. His ultimate goal is to return to Israel and inspire young Russian-speaking Jews in the US to make aliyah.