Yaakov Klein
Author, Musician, and Lecturer

The Eternal Jew

Down the boulevard of history

He walks

The Eternal Jew

Stepping upon the

The pavement of potential

Frozen between oblivion and being

A blank book

Awaiting a story to settle

In the comfort of its pages

Like a young family moving

Into an old empty house

Bringing joy and life

and laughter

To its cold, silent walls


Down the boulevard of history

He walks

The Eternal Jew

Each step, a word

Each block, a sentence

The timbre of his sigh, punctuation

His flame passes from candle to candle

Withering, wizened wicks

Bequeath their gift to those of a new age

The unchanging flame of an eternal tradition

The unwavering anthem of his eternal mission


Along the boulevard of history

A figure can be seen

With feet that dance

With hands that pray

With eyes that speak

And a heart that is

Both broken and whole

It is the ancient flame

Of the Eternal Jew

It is me

It is You

About the Author
Yaakov Klein is an author, lecturer, and musician sharing the inner light of the Torah, His books "Sparks from Berditchov" and "Sunlight of Redemption" (Feldheim), as well as his numerous articles on various topics, have reached and inspired many thousands of Jews all over the world. His next book, "The Story of Our Lives", an in-depth elucidation of Rebbe Nachman's famous story, The Lost Princess, will be in stores soon. Stay tuned!