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The excellence of ADHD and ADD

View the above clip. Between the giggles, you get a ton of inside info.

ADHD is the healthy reaction to attempts to make babies and young children excessively passive so that later, they won’t be rebels objecting to societal injustices demanding change.

The normal pathological reaction to this Western mistreatment and child abuse is becoming overly passive and dull, and that is then called normal and healthy. Once grownups themselves, they’ll be the greatest supporters of child conditioning and oppression and the oppressive society at large.

The solution is to force kids less to fit in and obey and instead listen more to what the young person needs. When you do that, you will see less extreme rebels and less extreme overly passive people who would prefer to sit in front of the telly all day.

To label and pathologize people with ADHD is one of the greatest and most lucrative outrages by the psychiatry and pharmacology money grabbers.

But, when you use tobacco to focus or alcohol to relax, you’re normal–and also great for the oppressive society, because you’ll die early (no need to pay out decades of pensions) and you’ll pay a ton on cigarettes or alcohol (tax revenues), and you’ll be passive, as the Dutch saying goes: a cigar smoker is not a rebel. These drugs also shove anger under the rug.

I so enjoy my ADD side! My mind can go in ten different directions quickly, keeping me from being bored (despite being very smart) and giving me a broad vision of anything that I think about. We may need therapy to learn how to not become paralyzed by all the different impulses. But we all should take up therapy to become our best selves and not hurt others.

The choicest of kids of ADD parents will choose to behave like them. That of course, doesn’t prove genetic causation at all.

Surely, one will find negative life events higher among ADHD people. They feel and show the hurt of being kept too short, are more likely to get in trouble in school, and are more prone to get dependent on addictive stuff. First, you’re kicked and then, you’re blamed for bleeding.

Poisoning kids (chemical brain clipping) to be quieter is real child abuse and a continuation of ignoring what the kid would need. As if kids are here to support the schools, instead of the other way around.

The ADHD wave shows how messed up psychiatry is.

NB: First, ADHD was called ‘Traumatic Brain Injury.’ When they found no such thing, they rebranded it ‘Minimal Brain Damage.’ When they then failed to find any brain damage, they didn’t reject their fake diagnosis but rather renamed it ADHD. There is no integrity in the whole system.

In a rational society, ‘not being an activist’ will be a mental disorder.

People with ADHD do not recover faster from corona

When the nonsense of statistics and the nonsense of mental health meet

Fortunately or unfortunately, silly nonsense reporting is not restricted to the silly season. A new study ‘discovered’ that people with ADHD heal faster from COVID-19. And the media just copy the twaddle.

No study of hyperactive people was done. Rather, it was found that faster recovery from corona coincides with more ADHD in the area.

Now, there is a difference between a statistical and a causal link. One uses statistics to find causal links. It was found that people who had a tiny bit of trans fats in their diets had a significant (but slightly) higher chance of having a heart attack. Then, trans fats were found in the masses that block the arteries that supply oxygen to the heart. The causal link became clear.

Sometimes, a statistical link is studied to see if there is a correlation between, say, hours spent sitting per day and life expectancy.

When a significant correlation is found, that doesn’t prove anything. A mechanism for one causing the other still must be found or clear.

My father used to mention that, when in the Netherlands, the number of storks declined, so did the number of human births. That didn’t prove that storks deliver the babies. It may be coincidental until one finds a system.

Another way to save a lot of research money is to think of a mechanism that has nothing to do with the correlation one studied. In our case, there is an obvious candidate that shows that ADHD does not undo COVID-19.

Hyperactive kids you make by demanding that they sit still too much. Most kids will become docile (a great asset to maintain an unjust society) and some will become hyperactive. The same populations that have higher healthcare also will have more-demanding schools. Money causes both better health and more ADHD. The two do not cause each other.

But this insufferable nonsensical ‘news’ wasn’t just a wild idea in a random brainstorming session. It is in fact worked on by four Israeli academics who published the claptrap. The academic journal that ran this is actually peer-reviewed, covering the field of psychiatry and attention disorders.

But shouldn’t we have wondered years ago if we could expect any quality or truth in psychiatric research? Never forget that this pseudo-science is still deeply rooted in Freud’s fraud to deny endemic early-life sexual abuse.

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