The Exodus ‘Diet’ (Lessons from G-d and Passover )


Here is some ancient DIET advice for Passover inspired by G-d and the ancient Israelites themselves.

G-d took us out of Egypt in a hurry- we had to quickly prepare FOOD so we wouldn’t  be HUNGRY on the way (Cause people can get irritated when they are hungry and that wouldn’t have been a good start…). He commanded us to bake bread that did not have time to rise. In those days people were not carb counting yet — nor had the GI levels for unleavened bread come out and from what I’ve picked up the “keto-diet” probably wasn’t the fad since they were using grains and surprisingly, obesity wasn’t  an epidemic either… This unleavened bread AKA- Matza basically kept the fleeing Jews full and gave them the energy they needed to get out of Egypt, through the sea and into the desert.

There are a few lessons to be learnt from this —

1 — Food preparation — I mean if G-d commanded it — it must be a pretty important detail! Giving a little thought into preparing meals and snacks is so important when it comes to looking after ourselves and our families especially during Passover when many of us are on holiday and everyone seems to be hungry all the time.

A picnic pre-made lunch, cut up fruit and veggies, nuts and dried fruit in a bag  all go a long way to fill those hungry tummies and keep us full with healthy, wholesome food and not unhealthy snack food.

2 — Full stomachs are the key to crossing the sea or in today’s terms — getting things done. This also seemed a key thought of G-d’s which could have also been why he commanded us to make and take food along with us…

In order to watch your weight over Passover (and all year round) make sure you are preparing and eating well balanced meals that fill you up and enable you to do what you need to do until you next meal.

A normal square matza = 2 slices of bread. You don’t need to eat matza at every meal but it’s a good idea to make sure you are filling up at the meals with good healthy wholesome foods and that can include matza as well (today you can find so many healthy grain options) .

Creating a meal that has a serving of carbs, proteins, healthy fats,vegetables and/or fruits to your meals during pesach is also a great idea especially since they fill us up and keep us full for a while after.

Ideas for easy filling healthy meals can include:

Yogurt, fruit salad and a handful of nuts

Quinoa salad with cheese nuts and vegetables

Chicken/meat/fish with  sweet potato and vegetables

Jacket potatoes with cheese and veggies

Eggs — shakshuka/fried/scrambled/matza-brie with a nice green salad.

Fruit shake with yogurt and nuts and even some veggies!

Now you might be looking at all these ideas and saying to yourself- that’s not dietetic! But that’s just it. It’s not supposed to be dietetic so that you stay hungry after- it’s supposed to be FILLING and then it’s supposed to let you MOVE ON, until your next meal which, if the previous meal was filling enough won’t be for the next 3-4 hours…

Sometimes MORE IS LESS and in my experience as a Dietician I see it time and again. If one eats a good nutritious meal with a good combination of food groups, chances are that you won’t be too hungry and start snacking in between meals and most importantly, after the meal you’ll be able to move on and say DAYEINU!

About the Author
Tova Kramer is a registered clinical dietician specializing in the fields of pediatrics, eating disorders and weight loss. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and five children.
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