The Exodus

The Exodus from Egypt was a very special event in Jewish history. We read about it in this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Bo, Exodus 10:1-13:16. It shows that God had a special plan for the Israelites.  Moses came along and told them they needed to follow him in the dessert and to the Land of Israel. The 210 year exile was about to end. Not many believed him, 80 % of the Israelites wanted to remain in Egypt. They all died in the plague of darkness.

Today, the exile is over a long time ago, since 1948. Jews are not meant to be scattered among the nations, under foreign rule, building other countries. They belong in modern day Israel with the language, religion and culture – building our own Land. We have a 3000 old title deed, both religiously and historically, that Israel belongs to the Jewish people. It is also true the other way around; the Jews belong to the Land of Israel. The exile is over and the Land is waiting.

About the Author
Born in Finland, Ruth Brunell lived in Australia for some time. She settled in Israel in 1996 with her husband and four daughters, and now lives in Jerusalem. Ruth has a variety of professions: cook, interior designer, and real estate agent.