The Extra Second

The following was written by Miriam Weiss, a guest blogger.
So, 2016 will be one second longer than expected this year.
Not a big deal. What’s one second after all?

In 2012, I joined this crazy hunt called Gishwhes (Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen), and I learned something – that the true limits on our actions and time are those we place on ourselves.

Between making flower dresses, launching things into space to orbit the Earth, and floating bottle rafts on the Sea of Galilee, this hunt, and my team, Team Bicycle Touring, taught me more than I could hope to pass on.

But hey, I have an extra second this year, so I’ll try.

We think time is unlimited.

Something needs to get done? Tomorrow. Want to read that new book? Maybe next week. I can always call my mom, my brother, my grandparents, and talk to them later.

Yet, we’re also unwilling to spend a moment on possibility.

Ask something on the off-chance the answer is favorable? Eh – it probably won’t be. Why bother checking something that’s unlikely to work out?

Well, I met an Olympic medalist four years ago for Gishwhes, because my friend and I randomly messaged her on facebook. I didn’t think there was a point, but my friend said, “Would it hurt to try?”

I’ll tell you a secret – it didn’t hurt at all.

So I know what I’ll be doing with my second this year, and you might want to consider it too:
Make the decision to try.
About the Author
Devoted thinker and stingray enthusiast, Shoshy is a gap-year student, trying to make sense of her world through words.