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The feelings of being targeted from the far right

Swedish nazi's during an illegal demonstration. (CURT GUWALLIUS, IRM - Inte Rasist Men)

Countless “media” websites spew out fake news, distort the truth and creates cracks in every society. Those who choose to trust only an “alternative source” or “real facts” then subject these falsehoods on ordinary people.

Breitbart, Blaze Media, Fox News, RT, Infowars, Right side broadcasting network, Louder with crowder, YnetNews, Dispatch international, Nyheter idag (News today) are just some of the top 100 far ultra right-wing neo-fascist who draws crowds in their millions.

Some of them do it subtly by mixing fair and comprehensive news with outright propaganda or faked news. Others do it completely open and are not ashamed of their deeds in anyway – in the opposite they feel proud each time they manage to bang the drum so the crowd listens to them.

This in turn becomes remarkably true when blogging or writing on the internet, newspapers or doing any kind of public personal statements. For me it has almost become a sport already to upset people and step on toes. In a way I find it intriguing and interesting to see their reactions – and more importantly what sources they use (if any).

By doing that and seeing their reactions you get a sense of where the discourse in a certain country, folk group or culture is heading. And this is when it becomes scary for me as a person. As a human. As a world traveller. As a dual citizen who speaks 5 languages fluently. When people tend to comment on let’s say an article about our king Bibi annexing the West Bank – a certain amount of Evangelical Christians from the US and Nigeria (can someone explain the Nigeria phenomena?) goes total “Hurray!” and bombs the comment section with every kind of known and unknown prayer that has ever existed.

But when Muslim leaders visit Auschwitz-Birkenau and obviously do it as a gesture of respect, the comment section gets flooded with anti-Arab sentiment combined with openly racist comments. Mostly done by the same people giving prayer mentioned above in my text. It kinds of get me on my toes and I start to read them more and more, analyzing them and start to think about what they actually mean. I will explain this soon but please bear with me because there is more.

A seemingly small text I published a day ago about a visit to Krakow made half of the Polish PIS-voters totally drown me in long essays of anti-Semitism, that Poland has never done anything wrong and that “we” should mind our own business. My text wasn’t even radical in any way. I just spoke out about two personal experiences which I found upsetting for me. No more, no less. But now suddenly, and I quote this directly “not only was Poland raped by the russians and germans, but now also by jews”! Oh my – if they even knew my super ultra mixed origins which I view as a clear strength.

All these comments, all this hate, everything that happened in Charlottesville, everything that happens on a regular basis in the EU against refugees, the Israeli narrative against these poor Sudanese people who were kept in a detention center. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Yeah, uhu…

In many ways, especially for millenials or younger people who use internet and social media as their only way to receive news – if they ever read it, it quickly becomes dangerous. And see – the tide has turned. From the happy 80’s and 90’s to today. Who would have thought of screaming racist words on the street to someone as frequent as people do on internet? While internet is cruicial to our society nowadays – to spread a message is easier than ever. And by doing that in huge numbers you easily get the impression of “Wow, everyone thinks like this, perhaps I must join them.”. Because in the end of the day you don’t want to be the one targeted.

But happily there are seeds of hope in this ugly scheme of who can be most right wing Рsuch as Bernie Sanders, Ehud Barak, Ayman Odeh, Angela Merkel, Emanuel Macrón and that new british guy, whats his name? The one with the airy hair. Boris Johnson! Right? They have all spoken out against racism, fascism, populism and extreme far-right think-tanks. I salute them, no matter what their past might have been Рthey at least got the Chutzpa to say a word or two about it.

Now, a quick history lesson. What happens in countries where neo-fascist parties or parties with a nazi past take place in the parliament? The narrative changes instantly – what was deemed completely unaccepted behaviour and language before becomes mainstream. You can take Italy’s Lega Nord, Sweden’s Sweden-democrats, The Polish PIS or the ruling party of Denmark. Suddenly there are whispers, whispers about “the other” people. The others are not really italians, or swedes, or danes, or poles. Someone whispers that they are not true citizens, another one says it’s the jews, a third one says it’s the refugees. A fourth one says we should keep our country ethnically clean.

This is how it all starts. And we are there now. In Israel, in Sweden, in the US, in Russia, in The Central African Republic. It’s unavoidable.

Well, there is an exception. About a year ago I travelled and traversed some of the most remote indigenous villages of South America where there is no phone reception, no TV, no radio, no running water. Nothing. But it was another world. A world filled with excitement, curiosiness and a will to exchange experiences – mutual or new.

Is it not time we all think twice before making openly racist remarks about someone else?


Because it hurts, it’s offensive, it leads to radicalization, it makes another faction hate another faction. It makes me feel insecure – can I walk the streets safe? Can I attend a protest or rally? Can I vote for what party I want to? It’s about time to change the discourse – from all radical sides.

Final remark – those of you who now will bring up the evilness of Stalin or that the Anti-Fa are idiots, yes you are right. But after counting over 1000 comments in the comment sections it’s obvious which side who bangs the drum the most.

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Jonas is a fierce critiqeuer of everything unjust. He is well-educated, well-travelled and believes firmly in pragmatism and progressiveness rather than religion and outdated conservatism. He dares to challenge anyone or anything and is super-tired of racial slurs and internet trolls. Jonas loves travelling, languages, cultures and wine. Also Whisky. His favorite destination can be a Berlin club or the Italian district of Vaipolicella. He labels himself as liberal and if not agnostic, then atheist.
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