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The Fires within

I  was wondering about what did the Almighty have in mind when he appeared to Moses via fire in a burning bush.

I asked a friend who is both a  Rabbi and retired Chaplain If he had any insights as to why he chose to appear with fire.

So  we discussed that with Abraham , the Almighty did not need to be in a more tangible form. But Moses was a visual learner and it was a way for him to really see the  divinity through the fire, and the call to leadership.

So…What is the meaning of fire?

There are many symbols to fire.

It is a symbol  of divinity, passion, power, wisdom, change, and transformation.

It can also symbolize Purification , Illumination, and Rebirth.

There is the other side to fire where it can represent – aggression, anger, tension, rage, destruction , and pain.

Fire can also be a symbol of warmth , love, rescue, and hope.

Many of you have read the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury at some point of your youth.

Why would Ray Bradbury choose fire.. used to burn books,  taking a main character who starts off as a book burning fireman and by the end of the novel   he is a book reader, a seeker of true knowledge . At the  end of the novel  he sees fire as a light that should not be used for destruction , instead but as a gentle light to guide towards renewal and rebirth.

“ 451 is the temperature at which book paper catches fire.  Lighting a candle is an illumination of a space that lost its vast dimension” – farenheit 451

What is it in our lives that represents “ burning bush moments “ Those moments  When we sense the Almighty is seeking our attention, speaking to us and calling us to action.

We are so busy these days with a very great challenge of putting out fires everywhere ; and all this  amidst a society that  is showing signs of collapse due to its refusal to educate and read the books , attain true knowledge and instead points fingers and gaslights over and over again.

It is said that we  the Nation of Israel will  be  “ a light onto nations”  , a hard task these days.

But we can  all be visual learners, we can be aware ,a model ,and a hope , for a better society.

About the Author
I was an Interior designer for 29 + years and had a parallel path in leadership in the Jewish community. I spent a number of years as a proud lay leader in an amazing outreach organization called Shoresh . I am involved in leadership and development ,mentoring ,and coaching.., non profit development and consulting . I am involved with two organizations in Israel : Afikim family enrichment Center , as they work with youth and families at risk The other being the Taub center , a major think tank for Social and Economic policy in Israel. How pride I am to be engaged with both organizations. Feel free to reach out to me to learn more! I am dedicated to the Jewish community both in North America and in Israel I dedicate much of my creativity to writing and also now am pursuing coaching individuals to clarify and work towards life goals. In the past I have developed and ran experiential programs for the Jewish Federation, where I connected Israelis and locals in our community. At the end of the day, my roots in Israel are very deep. It is the place, the hub the center,The conversation.- our home, the light for all. And I most enjoy inspiring and cultivating that love and connection in others.