The first jihad steps in Latin America!

On Tuesday 8.3.16, David Fremd was killed in Paysandú Uruguay. The reason of that assassination is that he was a Jew. We can examine this event as another anti-Semitic act, painful as it may be, but just like another racial killing as already we suffered throughout history. To understand the meaning of this specific murder and the different dimension string of attacks around the world, we must take a closer look at the time and location that the murder occurred. In addition, we must try to understand the various developments in Latin America.

This unique reality, began to take shape in the early ’80s, when the Islamic Republic of Iran has started to break out of its borders, especially in areas where the effect of Western countries did not take places at that time. The official recognition of the Islamic Republic of Iran by Cuba in 1982 allowed Iran to influence into the other countries in the region and to take steps leading in the beginning of the 90s to the terror attacks in Buenos Aires that we already know. The Relations between Iran and Latin America have been recognized publicly with the rise of Hugo Chavez to the power, who took pride in being the founder of the new socialism and anti-imperialist of the 21st century. From a far point of view, those principles could fit very well with the principles of Iran, a country well known for its fight against the politics of the anti-imperialist countries. However, thorough an examination, we can reveal that more hostile programs are began to expose.

The vacuum which was filled by the radical Islamic policy of Iran, is not merely the result of an ideological coincidence only. Iran’s desire is to use this to get into the internal politics of those countries and integrate their people to important government positions, which now after 30 years of work, can also instill terror cells in countries such as Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela. While Israel has invested efforts in an attempt to impress the Western countries, Iran succeeded in developing contacts with those 3rd world countries which today allures against Israel.

The main issue today is not only Iran’s influence on the political level, but also within the society itself. Anyone who knows about history knows certainly that the cultural assembly of the Latin American continent is based on the immigrants from Spain and North Africa, where Muslims and Jews who came from the same area are small but an important part of the social structure in this part of the American continent. The building of mosques, schools and others social activities, are the most common way in which radical Islamic countries are trying to penetrate the idea that there is a chance the previous generations may have been Muslims, and accordingly have to introduce the rest of the Islamic ideology into the consciousness of the residents.

David Fremd’s murder was the first result. This murder was carried out as we know in the Middle East: Fremd caught behind and during the stabbing the terrorist shouted Allah Akbar(God is great). Certainly you can say it is a Jihadist act, in a country that previously not exposes to this kind of terrorist activity. The Uruguay-born killer converted to Islam 10 years ago and claimed that it had committed this murder to satisfy Allah(God). As I said before in many of others articles, this is the result of the radical Islam influence that began 30 years ago when Iran insert her arms to the of South America continent. Today we garrisons after two major terrorist attacks carried out in the 90th, and the stabbing attack of Fremd. We should therefore ask what to expect in the future? Perhaps the Middle East is not so far from Latin America as we thought?

About the Author
Gaston Saidman was born in Argentina and arrived in Israel at the age of 12. After his Military Service, he served as the Chairman of the young Latin American Committee of Latin American olim Organization. Today he is acting as the General Manager of FOILAT Organization, which is developing a Parliament Lobby in the Israeli Knesset to strengthen the Diplomatic relations between Israel and Latin America. He is also involved in other activities such as the Smart Middle East Forum, and a new movement that will develop Public Diplomatic projects with other young and Zionist activist.