The Flagrant Violation of International Law

The world is going crazy…again.

And it’s not because the anti-Semitic and hypocritical Black Lives Matter organisation is marching around the world spewing their hatred and tearing down statues – much to the disgust of the local pigeon community.

And it’s also not because that virus from China is wreaking havoc across the world with over 10 million people infected and 500 thousand deaths so far – except for North Korea who has been an amazing example to follow with NO cases at all! They have also invented a cure for Cancer and AIDS and their leader Kim Jong Un can control the weather.

But no, that’s not what they’re upset about either.

The reason they are so utterly distraught is because a tiny little country half the size of a Saudi Sheik’s backyard is planning on going ahead and extending sovereignty over a small piece of their own territory that has been Jewish for 3500 years.

And suddenly, like clockwork, all the so-called experts are wheeled out looking all serious, frowning, feigning concern and talking about “international law.” Some are even threatening sanctions.

But I ask the question now as I’ve always asked before: Where were these heroes of democracy and freedom before?

When the Jews proclaimed their right in 1948 to reconstitute its Jewish homeland, why did no one spring to their defence then? It’s true that the UN supported it at the time, but it was up to the Jews to defend each street and each town and each life on their own. This was during a time when there was an arms embargo against Israel – while no such embargo existed against the Arab world – and the British continued to supply the fake entity of Jordan in particular with weapons and training and officers. So a country that was responsible for the Legal Mandate of Palestine effectively worked to help destroy a newly formed legal entity. Not only is that a violation of international law – it’s a crime! The Jews were left on their own.

But the world was probably feeling a little guilty at the time having shut the doors on the Jews of Europe who pleaded to be allowed to escape the horrors coming down upon them. Instead the world, as is their way when it comes to Jewish lives, did nothing. In the Evian conference in 1938, when it was known exactly how the Jews were being treated in Nazi Germany, not a single country offered to help these desperate people with the lone exception of the Dominican Republic. They did frown though. So yes, America turned their back. Canada turned their back. The UK turned its back. So did France (who without hesitation handed over their Jews later to the Nazi death camps) and Australia and New Zealand and Ireland and the Netherlands and many others. Some of Israel’s harshest critics today were the ones who knowingly doomed the Jewish people to a genocide in Europe. Where was the ‘White Privilege’ as the Jew hating Black Lives Matter organisation like to bleat on about then – the ones who accuse Jews of being white supremacists? And where was the much vaunted International Law that the world is very upset about now – when they did nothing then. Instead the Jews were once again left on their own.

And when the Egyptians decided to close the Suez Canal in June 1967 and demanded the UN leave the Sinai – in absolute flagrant violation of International Law and agreements and treaties causing a justifiable trigger for war – did the world throw up their arms and demand sanctions on Egypt? No… they meekly obliged and warned Israel not to be aggressive. France even broke off relations afterwards with Israel. This International Law they wave about like a Neville Chamberlin peace treaty – meant nothing then. The Jews were left on their own again.

And in more recent times when the corrupt and terrorist entity of the Palestinian Authority actually pays their residents to murder and kill and destroy Jewish lives – where is the world once again? In what possible universe is that not a violation of not just International Law but of the most basic moral tenets of the human race? They certainly weren’t demanding changes to be made from the Arabs and they certainly weren’t threatening them with sanctions. Nope – the Jews were once again, as they always had been before, left on their own.

Iran has constantly called and continues to call for the destruction of Israel – effectively a genocide. They have called for the elimination of a legal state under the United Nations – and yet…. have they been called up on that or threatened by punishable actions by these great international bodies who talk about maintaining the integrity of International Law? We all know the answer to that.

The hypocrisy of the world’s actions is limitless when it comes to Israel – it is a list that stretches far beyond the mere boundaries of a single article. But it can be summarized as such: There is nothing the Jews can ever do that will be accepted by the world, and there is nothing that the Arabs can ever do that will be rejected.

For the Arabs have always rejected the Jewish homeland from long before 1948. They have rejected every single agreement that has been offered to them from the 1947 partition plan, to the Barak plan, to the Olmert plan, including the latest Trump peace plan. And once they rejected it, Israel certainly isn’t under any obligation to keep it either – even though the Arabs farcically want to turn back the clock again and again and again.

Not one inch of land should be given to the Arabs known as the palestinians. Not one Jewish historical and cultural site should be under their control. And most definitely another Arab state – the 23rd one which we all know will be a state of terror – should never be allowed to be formed, as it is an undisputed existential threat to the State of Israel. Just as Gaza rains down rockets on Israel in absolute violation of International Law – do we honestly believe the Arabs under the corrupt Palestinian Authority will choose a different path?

Now there is such a thing an International Law and according to the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo conference which reasserted and affirmed Jewish rights to the area known then as Palestine, including Judea and Samaria, not only is Israel not violating it – they are actually supporting it!

And yet somehow the world who want us to believe they care about international law or even basic morality expect or even demand from us to listen to them this time, when they have ignored us at every other time in history.

With Jew hatred so rampant and so toxic and so violent, the term of International Law has become corrupted and twisted and debased where it exists as nothing more than the last vestige cry of the morally corrupt who invoke law and order while espousing anarchy. They will do everything in their power, including lie and cheat and murder and steal – all in order to stop the Jews – a tiny nation among nations – from not only having their own country, but of even existing in the first place.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.