The Four Coarsemen of the Apocalypse

Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie are accusing Democrats of resurrecting the dead to vote and importing illegal immigrants and sending them directly to the polls.

Of course, they have no evidence such things are happening except for their own delusional and malevolent imaginations.

They're talking about fighting a crime  — voter ID fraud — that the courts, academic studies and governmental investigations have repeatedly said is virtually non-existent.

But these guys aren't ones to be intimidated by facts.  They've declared their full liberation from reality.

One thing you can say about this quartet is that their political futures are far behind them. 

Trump looks like he's headed for a humiliating defeat on November 8.  He'll be tweeting obnoxiously forever but at least the closest he'll get to the White House is his overpriced Pennsylvania Avenue hotel.

Trump relies on Gingrich's imagination, as when the ethically-challenged former speaker called the candidate's Gettysburg speech last week, which featured a 15-minute rant against women who accused him of sexual misconduct, as the "best reform speech since Reagan in 1980."  Geologists reported sudden seismic activity in Simi Valley, California.  

Giuliani's wild rants at Trump rallies and in media interviews have raised questions about his mental stability.  The humorless former mayor grimaced angrily at the Al Smith Dinner last week when Hillary Clinton said, "Many don’t know this but Rudy actually got his start as a prosecutor going after wealthy New Yorkers who avoided paying taxes. But as the saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, go on FOX News and call ’em a genius.'”

It was payback for Giuliani lying about then-Senator Clinton not being at the World Trade Center shortly after 9/11.  He offered a weak apology when pictures emerged of the two of them together at Ground Zero.

Christie, after being trounced in the primaries by Trump shifted his focus to becoming number two on the GOP ticket, but he was reportedly blackballed by Jared Kushner, Trump's influential son-in-law.  It seems that back when he was a federal prosecutor Christie sent Kushner's father to prison for “crimes of greed, power, and excess.”  He may soon be facing prosecutors himself as a result of possible official misconduct charges arising out of the Bridgegate scandal. During the primary campaign, Trump said Christie "totally knew about" the bridge closing in advance.  Capping his dead-end career, Trump gave him a dead-end job, heading the transition team for a Trump administration that will never be.

The nonpartisan said Trump keeps repeating unsubstantiated urban myths that dead people are voting.  The Pew Foundation report Trump repeatedly misquotes actually said that there may be 1.8 million deceased people still on voter rolls around the country as well as many others who moved away but are still carried on voter rolls where they don't live or vote. What Trump conveniently overlooks is that the report said it found no evidence those people were voting.

"Numerous academic studies and government inquires" have found "voter fraud is virtually nonexistent," FactCheck reported voter impersonation is "extremely rare, and not enough to tip even a close presidential election.  And there is plenty of research to back that up."

A recent study under the aegis of Harvard and MIT found "the likely percent of non-citizen voters in recent US elections is 0."

Ohio Gov. John Kasich dismissed Trump's rants about rigged election as a "big, fat joke" as ridiculous as "saying we never landed on the moon."

Those dead people that Giuliani sees "generally vote for Democrats, rather than Republicans," he said.  Maybe they learned something about Trump and the GOP in the hereafter.

About the Author
Douglas M. Bloomfield is a syndicated columnist, Washington lobbyist and consultant. He spent nine years as the legislative director and chief lobbyist for AIPAC.