The Free World’s disgrace

It is not Russia and China that disgrace the international community. It is the Free World that for dozens of years now has been sliding toward hypocrisy, double standards and appeasement, while getting much more violence in return. It is the Free World whose “human rights activists” sympathize with the apparatus of evil and get much more violence in return. Should the Free World not get to the apparatus of evil, this instrument of evil shall reach the Free World. It’s already getting there.

Some 1,300 Syrians were slaughtered in one day, yet the streets of Paris, London, Madrid and Brussels are empty. After all, it is the Free World that has adopted a new, odd moral compass. According to these moral standards, dozens, hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of fatalities in the Muslim, Arab and/or Third World do not bother the world peace camp. This did not start this week. It has been going on for years now, dozens of years.

Where was the Free World when hundreds of thousands were being massacred in Rwanda? Where was it when hundreds of thousands were being butchered in Darfur? Where was the Free World when Sri Lanka slaughtered 40,000 Tamils? Where was it when Russia oppressed the rebels in Chechnya and while at it also killed hundreds of thousands of innocents? The Free World was silent. For dozens of years now, the Free World has been telling the Third World: That’s none of our business. So why are China and Russia now being asked to behave any differently?

The international community produces countless “human rights groups,” but these organizations have no connection whatsoever to the real world. After all, the Free World’s “human rights activists” never hit the streets en masse to fight against the apparatus of extermination that comprises Iran, Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah and the other jihadist tentacles. They never hit the streets to protest against those who resort to extermination or those who declare, like Hamas and Hezbollah, that the Jews should be exterminated.” They only protest against Israel, which is trying to fight the apparatus of extermination.

This is the Free World, where academics like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein made pilgrimages to the leaders of Hezbollah. These are the intellectuals, authors and Nobel Prize laureate, like Mairead Maguire, who arrived on ships to sympathize with Hamas’ regime of horrors. Make no mistake about it: While they indeed spoke of humanitarian solidarity, their solidarity was also extended to the Hamas government.

There is no need whatsoever for the Free World to intervene in every conflict. Not every conflict calls for such intervention. That’s not the intention here. Hesitating to intervene is legitimate. After all, the Syrian conflict does not pit a moral party against a monstrous one. The problem lies with the Free World’s “progressive” parts when they sympathize with evil and fight against those who fight evil. After all, the people who are silent now poured into the streets of the West when Israel embarked on a war against evil.

According to the new moral compass, Israel is belligerent because it allegedly struck Syria’s nuclear facility, and previously Iraq’s nuclear reactor. Where would the Free World be today had Israel not razed these means of mass destruction? And what is the implication of the immense crime committed this week by the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah apparatus of evil for the Iranian nuclear program? Does Iran pose “no danger,” as many “experts” argue?

In the past decades, the Muslim world produced hundreds of thousands of fatalities and millions of refugees. Arabs and Muslims killed Arabs and Muslims. Statistically, Israel’s contribution to global violence is almost nil. Yet the Free World’s “human rights activists” protested against Israel. They did not protest against the true evil. They did not protest against Hamas, which for years was the protégée of Iran. They never protested against the kingdom of evil, but rather, only against those who tried to defend themselves against this evil kingdom.

It is the Free World that thinks the Muslims are inferior and therefore are “allowed to act this way.” It is the Arab League that has adopted the Free World’s logic and granted complete and absolute backing to Sudan’s leader, Omar al-Bashir, who is responsible for the genocide of hundreds of thousands of people in Darfur. And it is Recep Erdogan, Barack Obama’s protégé, who welcomed that same al-Bashir with an embrace.

It is the Free World’s media that completely ignored most of the genocidal statements made by Hamas and Hezbollah. It is the UN Human Rights Committee, dominated by backward states, which produced the shameful document known as the Goldstone Report, while Western countries cooperated with the Committee and legitimized it.

It is the same progressive, liberal media that printed a story about 133,000 children killed because of Islamists in Somalia, yet on the same day, on the same page, in a newspaper that faithfully represents the liberal press, the main story was about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsing a national referendum on a future peace treaty with the Palestinians.

These are the proportions. This is the moral compass. This is the Free World. Those are the Free World’s “human rights activists.” This is the Free World’s press. So please, do not complain about Russia and China, because they had and still have tour guides; because in the name of appeasement and political correctness, we got a hypocritical, exhausted world. We wanted appeasement; we got much more violence and murderousness.

The day the extermination apparatus comprising Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, al-Qaeda, Syria and the monster’s other tentacles attempts to realize its declared wish to exterminate Israel, Israel shall remain alone. The hypocritical world shall not be arriving, just like it did not arrive to save the thousands butchered in Syria. However, the apparatus of extermination shall arrive at the Free World. It’s already arriving.

About the Author
Ben-Dror Yemini is a senior journalist with the Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronoth who lectures about the spread and impact of anti-Israel propaganda. He can be contacted at