The game is you: 5 mobile games that leverage user generated content

Thingies - It's a steal!
Thingies - It's a steal!

New trends are playing a heavy role in this transformative year in gaming. Thanks to the special bond between mobile, social media, and gaming, user generated content can now be found everywhere. In particular, more and more mobile games are now featuring content provided by their users.

Players don’t only play the game, but they help to build their own experience. This growing trend is expected to dominate over the next decade and is already being utilized by a number of apps in order to boost player engagement. Gaming today is being socialized, each game is moving towards becoming its own social platform.

Who wouldn’t want to play the next big thing in the app store? These hot mobile games are doing user generated content right

1.Draw Something – The Original Game Featuring User Generated Content

Draw Something was the original poster boy for a user generated content based game. If you haven’t been around for the last two years, Draw Something is a game where you get a challenge to draw a word, phrase, song or movie and send it to a friend. If you both guess what the other drew, you go to the next round. If you fail to do so, you have to start all over again.

I want to say car... Draw Something
I want to say car… Draw Something


2. Sing Something – Rock Out To Your Favorite Songs Where You’re The Star

Why doodle when you can be a rockstar, right? On Sing Something users contribute their own voice and rock some of their favorite tunes from the app’s available selection of songs. Then, it’s up to their friends to guess that tune, if they guessed it right then it’s their turn to send you their song sang with their god-given gift of a voice.

Bon Jovi who? Sing Something
Bon Jovi who? Sing Something


3. Revealers – The Love Child Of Instagram and SongPop 

The game is what the user makes of it, literally. On Revealers, users generate their own photo challenges by taking a picture and offering up their own multiple choice answers of what the photo may be. Two players then compete for who can identify the photo first, as the image is slowly revealed piece by piece. Not only do users create their own games, but there is a photo newsfeed of the submitted images.

How quick can you guess what the picture is?
How quick can you guess what the picture is?


4. Thingies – Share Your Favorite Items, And Steal The Ones You Want From Your Friends 

We’ve all used Instagram, Facebook, and every other photo sharing app out there. Thingies takes photo-sharing beyond filtering your pictures and getting more “likes”. Users contribute pictures from their own life, but here’s what’s different, they place a price tag on it. The goal is to steal the thingies you want from others upping the user engagement through an interesting point-based system. Open up the world of things you could nab by following others and interacting with them. But don’t get caught …

Thingies - It's a steal!
Thingies – It’s a steal!


5. Bout – Apples-to-Apples With Photos

Everyone faces challenges in their life, but Bout presents a challenge you will rush to accept. Users contribute their own challenges to the game and their friends race to submit unique, weird, awesome photos that match the challenge. The judge then chooses, which photo is the best. Users both create the challenges and take their own photos to respond the task.

Challenge accepted - Bout
Challenge accepted – Bout

User generated content is the next step in gaming, taking playing games with your friends to the next level. You and your friends won’t just play the game, but you will be the one’s creating it.

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