Ron Diller

The Gaza Paradigm

We are now in the 4th quarter of the war with the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. What will Gaza look like post war?

October 7th was a monumental fiasco and huge hit on all the citizens of Israel. Israel was lackadaisical “asleep at the wheel” then pounded with maniac terrorists out to kill and maim all Jews, no matter the age. They strode into Israel freely on motorcycles and golf carts taking 240 innocent people (babies, children, adults, holocaust survivors and the elderly) hostage. The Iranians gave them the “know how” together with a refined blueprint which they seemed to perfect having 12-months of training.

We’re still in a fierce battle in Gaza losing up to10 soldiers each day – having a huge emotional toll on the families and on our country. Seeing these young innocent soldiers lose their right to a fulfilling life is so painful. My son is part of an elite combat unit now in Gaza fighting for our country. I pray every day for his safety, seeking the help of Hashem.

Since October 7th, antisemitism has risen 337%. You got to hand it to the Arabs who invented themselves as Palestinians who are instrumental toward the increase in antisemitism/anti-Israel rhetoric. For decades they invested multiple billions of dollars in intensive global propaganda to change historic facts making Israel as the “bad guy” seeking empathy from the world that we are occupiers who stole their land – a complete crock. Too bad for the Palestinians, we are not moving from our homeland of 3,500 years.

Israel is a small microcosm of the entire Middle East with just over 8 million people surrounded by over 300 million Arabs. But look what we did in 70 years – a powerhouse! Name one positive achievement Hamas did in Gaza or even the Palestinian Authority, that upgraded their lifestyle. For Hamas it was terror and building an intricate tunnel system. For the Palestinian Authority, why do so many of them continue to seek work permits in Israel if life was so great for them in the West Bank.

No matter the party in power in the US or who is the president, Israel will likely continue to win their backing for our war efforts. Israel is the only one who knows best how to protect us not outsiders. The scuttlebutt is that Biden is controlled by Obama who as we know was not fond of Israel. He chose to make his first debut visiting Cairo over visiting the Knesset in Jerusalem – tells wonders what side of the fence he’s on. As the American bases in the Middle East are being bombed over 40x with rockets, Biden is sitting on the sidelines with almost little to no response.

Biden is asking Congress to approve a budget that will give Ukraine another $60bn in aid on top of the $80bn they’ve received with only $14bn to Israel! Biden is blocking a shipment of M16’s for Israel’s claiming Jews living in the West Bank are “extremists” and a threat. While the war in Ukraine is essential, the Middle East poses higher risks to be more explosive. Iran is taunting Israel to turn this into a regional conflict using the Houthis of Yemen and the Hezbollah as their proxies to engulf the region.

Abbas is rallying to control post Gaza. He’ll never recognize Israel. His goals are aligned with Hamas to seek our annihilation. Abbas incentivizes its citizens to kill Israelis giving them lifetime stipends. Personally, I cannot distinguish between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Even with Abbas out. they’ll likely replace him with someone even more extreme and anti-Israel. We lost too many innocent souls to turn over Gaza to a bunch of thugs whose only motive and goal is our ouster and ruination.

The Oslo Accords failed miserably and only caused severe bloodshed. The hopes that the Palestinians will put down their weapons and decry hatred against Israel is delusional. Israel must toss the Oslo Accords in the garbage as it never brought the intended outcomes mainly terror and bloodshed onto Israelis.

We need full control of the West Bank. Jenin is cesspool of terrorists – all under the watch of Abbas. He sits idle allowing terrorists free rein. This requires Israel to play cleanup using our IDF to scour and remove the terror threat in the West Bank, mainly emanating from Jenin, for the mess Abbas created.  No question in Post Gaza, Israel must have full and complete security control with the IDF stationed in Gaza on a permanent basis, preferably with a reasonable buffer zone (demilitarized).

The big question is it possible to change the mindset of Gazans toward Israel together with the citizens under the Palestinian Authority have been systematically nurtured to hate Israelis since they were little? In a recent poll among Palestinians, over 70% believe Hamas was correct in launching the October 7th attack. A large majority said they never saw the October videos showing what they did – another method to brainwash its citizens which skews the poll.

Gazans are at an intersection to choose between a better life or the path of destruction which Hamas has perpetuated since they have been in power. Even as the UN brings relief, Hamas steals the goods leaving the Gazans with crumbs – out to dry.

Hamas is a terror organization with tentacles worldwide whose function and goals are to wreak havoc and ultimate annihilation of the Jews/Israel. Just recently, Germany and Denmark uncovered Hamas terror plots against Jews.

We tried so many times to discuss a 2-state solution that brought zero results in fact caused the Intifada uprising resulting in thousands of Israelis who died by terror. The 2-state solution is just a myth that will not happen, at least not in my lifetime or even during my children’s lifetime. Hamas and Palestinian Authority continue to permeate hatred toward Israel using their children as pawns like removing Israel from geographical maps in children’s educational textbooks.  You call this peaceful coexistence?

Gazans have an amazing opportunity before them that can turn this Hamastan swampland with its 41km Mediterranean coastline into paradise.    The Arab countries should jump at the opportunity to finance Gaza to make it become a great living environment that can promote commercial trade and tourism. Gazans can transform their lives ditch hatred and violence giving up on the Hamas wreckage or just throw it away and watch their lives crumble away.

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.