The Girls of Glock

If you have been watching the news lately from the United States, as I have here in Israel, you would have to believe that nothing out of the ordinary was happening in my tiny Jewish country. Of course, the American media is full of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the upcoming football season and that, I suppose, is to be expected in a land whose media is dominated by the far left whose love affair with Barak Obama whose incomprehensible and total impotence in the face of Islamist terrorism is glaringly evident as is his perennial anti-Semitism. After all, he sat for 20 years in the “church” of the Rev. Wright ( more often wrong) who expounded time and again about Israeli “apartheid” and today claims that Jesus was a Palestinian-even though Palestine (a people and a nation steeped in illusion and fantasy) has never existed.

It is akin to the present day Islamist fanatics, like Abu Mazen or Abbas or whatever criminal alias he chooses to employ, who extols the holy connection of his nation with the city of Jerusalem. He calls the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount a parade of “dirty Jewish feet” and swears that he will protect the Moslem and Christian holy places. It would take a tome of thousands of pages to decry the supposed Moslem connection to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people for the last 3000 years, but I’ll leave that to the experts. However, truth demands that I make one important comment-the Moslems aver that Mohammed rose to heaven on his horse, Burak, which had a peacock’s tail and a woman’s head from the stone beneath the Mosque of Omar. They swear that he did this from the mosque’s interior. Following me? Okay. Mohammed died in 632 CE. The mosque was built upon the ruins of the Temple of Solomon and Herod in 690 CE-so he rose to heaven 58 years from a place that did not exist when he died. Any empirical physicists out there who can figure this one out?

The entire recent wave of knifings and shootings by “Palestinian” savages on Israeli Jews can be traced to the bloodcurdling calls for our death being shrieked daily from the pulpits of mosques all over the region. Over a dozen of my fellow Israelis have been horrifically stabbed, usually from the back (Arab calls of heroic deeds, not withstanding) and parents in their cars have been shot at point blank range on our roads. Yesterday, a 14 year old girl was stabbed in Hadera and a Border Policeman asking an Arab for his identification card was stabbed in the neck. Fortunately, the thug was shot down dead.

Yes, our government is taking steps to assuage our population and reinforce and strengthen anti-terrorist measures. Battalions of reserve Border Police units have been called up, the destruction of the homes of terrorists has been made more quickly and the restrictions on the use of live ammunition against knife wielding killers has been lifted to a degree greater than before.

It isn’t a simple procedure to obtain a pistol license in Israel. There is nothing akin to the 2nd Amendment that guarantees the right to bear arms, but there are rules here that must be applied.

  1. You must be a citizen of the State of Israel over 21 years of age is a veteran of the IDF or 27 years of age if not a veteran.
  2. If you are an immigrant, you must have lived in Israel for at least 3 years.
  3. You must live in a designated area where the government has determined that pistol ownership is a necessity for self-protection and the security of personal property. Today, this includes Judea, Samaria,  and the Golan Heights.
  4. You must possess a certificate of good health from your physician that will also attest to your mental health as well.
  5. You must pass an interview with the National Police and demonstrate enough proficiency in Hebrew to understand the law concerning the use of firearms.
  6. When you obtain the license-it usually takes 90 days-you may purchase a handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition.
  7. Weapons must be kept in a locked box at home at all times. Carry permits are 100% approved with the license. Guns are registered with your local police and in a national data bank.

However, pepper spray canisters do not require a license to carry and during the last 3 days, stores in Jerusalem have sold out a month’s supply. The number of firearms applications has increased by hundreds of percent and the entire system is being expedited.

Not only are men applying for these licenses, but so are many women. Many of them travel to work, to shop or to accompany their kids on various errands. And quite a few of the are grandmothers.

I personally know a few of these women in Maaleh Adumim-they seem to favor the 9mm Glock semi-automatic handgun. I see them in the local mall with their holsters on their hips or the handgun stuck in the waistband of their pants just under their blouses. They are, as of necessity, the Girls of Glock.



About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.