The great artist Muhammad Ali Shaker


About the life of the late artist Muhammad Ali Shaker:

Artist Muhammad Ali Shaker was born in 1946, studied English at the University of Aleppo, and graduated from it in 1981.

He started writing poetry and composing melodies in 1968, he has about 265 songs from his words and melodies, of which 170 poems were sung by his brother, the artist Mahmoud Aziz Shaker, and his poems were sung by many artists, including Muhammad Sheikho, Bardan Mardini, Mustafa Khalid, Zubair Saleh, Hussein Saleh, Shahribana Kurdi and Khoshnav Tello and others.

He has a collection of poetry, he composed poetry on all issues and topics related to the Kurdish issue and events.

The deceased was honored by the Kurdish Poetry Festival Committee in the twenty-third festival in Qamishlo in 2018.

Muhammad Ali Shaker, passed away on Thursday morning December 24, 2021, at the age of 74, after he was infected with the Coronavirus in a hospital in Qamishlo city in Syrian Kurdistan.

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