The Great Deception – We Must Fight for Justice

The State of Israel

A great deception is afoot. Never before in the history of mankind have so many been so wrong about so much. It is indeed a tragedy. The nations of the world desperately cry out in defense of Palestinians. Hundreds of millions blindly accept what they cannot see and know nothing about.  A tragedy is unfolding, but it’s not being reported, and the message is not being received. The Israel/Hamas conflict is being perceived through a heavily biased lens; the optics are all wrong.  Funded by filthy oil money and propagated by anti-Semitism, the narrative is utterly misguided.

We are in the midst of an existential crisis. Despite Israel’s founding in 1948, the legitimacy of the Jewish state – at least in the eyes of a hateful world – is severely in doubt. The anti-Zionist messaging has revealed itself to be nothing more than blatant anti-Semitism. Outside agitators who champion the cause of the Palestinians have no investment in their future. Of all the Muslim-majority nations surrounding the minuscule State of Israel, none of them wishes to absorb the 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza or to make any concerted effort towards inculcating them with a mindset of peaceful coexistence with the Jews.

Every single incidence of violence is laid squarely at the feet of the Jewish state. In the world of radical Islamism, terrorism is always justified. It doesn’t matter that Hamas strives for maximum Palestinian casualties. That inconvenient truth is gleefully swept under the rug. It doesn’t matter that Hamas terrorists hide like cowards in tunnels 100 feet below the surface, or behind an unarmed populace of human shields. And it’s certainly not important to the Iranians, Qataris, Saudi Arabians, and bleeding heart woke apologist mainstream media that everything we see unfolding is Hamas’s fault.  As  Israelis, Jews in the diaspora, and friends of Israel, we are stunned at the blatant propaganda being spewed by the enemies of peace.

The misinformation is so distorted that it smacks of blatant bias. Yet the lackeys, acolytes, footsoldiers, and minions of the Iranian puppeteers, progressives, Marxists, anarchists, socialists, and spineless appeasers gobble it up with gay abandon. Educated people from Australia to Europe, Canada to the United States, and well beyond continue to spew lies, slurs, fabrications, and heavily anti-Semitic distortions.  Outrageous to the extreme, these propagandists are either brainwashed or brain-dead. The mere notion that Jews invented stories of atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, 2023, is asinine.  The Palestinian narratives of unprovoked Israeli aggression are flat-out wrong.  That the world’s media engages in such blatant gaslighting is repugnant.

Society’s moral compass is spinning hopelessly out of control.  What’s right is wrong, and what’s wrong is right. The guilty are innocent, and the innocent are guilty.  The transgressors are excused, while the victims are excoriated.  Lest we forget what we are dealing with – vicious radical Islamism. No force on earth is more pernicious, more hateful, and more deadly than this tainted ideology. It is an all-encompassing malignancy, multi-generational indoctrination of totalitarian-style Jew hatred. The world has been presented with copious evidence detailing the filthy indoctrination of Palestinians from the cradle to the grave. These are the true crimes against humanity, but it’s Hamas perpetrating them – not Israel.

When you teach children to aspire towards martyrdom by hating their neighbors more than they love their own, there can be no reasoning. There can be no peace with a death cult intent on the genocide of all Jews. Indeed, the Hamas Charter  – the blueprint for the Palestinian future – calls for the annihilation of all Jews. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. Such vile hate must be condemned outright. But instead, we see college students across the United States eagerly adopting these maniacal slogans. The great irony of the social justice movement is lost on the foot soldiers of radical Islamism. Indeed, we find ourselves on the cusp of tyranny.

The nations of the world are rallying behind those who wish to implement an Islamic caliphate across Europe, the United Kingdom, and  North America. Already, their minions are in place in the corridors of power. Bastardized educational systems are championing the cause through dangerous Marxist teachings. The tentacles of hate are attempting to encircle the freedom-loving people of the world, with neo-Nazis on the right and radical Islamist progressives on the left. It is our solemn duty as champions of democracy, tolerance, and freedom to fight the hate. We must stand solidly behind Israel in its hour of need.

We must educate the uneducated, be the light in the darkness, and continue to fight deception with truth. Our battle has only just begun. We will defeat Hamas and render them militarily inoperable, but an insuperable challenge awaits us. We must teach our enemies to love themselves more than they hate us.  The ideological battle is lost, but the war continues.  We must continue in this seemingly futile endeavor.  Perhaps a spark of hope will spring from hateful damnation.

We must show our neighbors that creation is better than destruction. This crucible of hate is millennia in the making. Multigenerational goals cannot be achieved through a diktat.  Neither the United Nations nor its Security Council can force Israel to accept a death cult terrorist state as a neighbor. This is completely and utterly unacceptable. We must initiate incremental negotiations, considerations, and ideations with moderate neighbors. The Hamas Charter must be renounced, and the Jewish State of Israel must be accepted as a starting point for any discussions.

We want peace, but we want security. We will not settle for anything less.

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