Michal Bitterman

The great food-waste showdown

The Hilarious Quest for Zero Waste Holidays is taking place in your own kitchen

-Ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages, brace yourselves for a holiday season like no other! We’re about to embark on a whimsical journey filled with innovative, laugh-out-loud tips that will transform your family into food waste-fighting superheroes. Put on your capes and join us in “The Great Food Waste Showdown.

Once upon a holiday season, in the land of festive feasts and twinkling lights, there lurked an unlikely villain – food waste. Yes, that’s right, dear readers, the very season that celebrates abundance often sees mounds of perfectly good food mercilessly tossed away. But fear not, for hidden within this tale of culinary excess are the unsung heroes of our story – the kids who possess the power to be part of the solution! They could save the food and also the money that we paid for it.

Ready? Our journey begins.

Act 1: The Culprit of the Feast Fiasco

Why, oh why, does holiday food waste run rampant? Well, it’s a tangled web of tradition, excess, and a sprinkle of forgetfulness. Enormous stews, heaps of deserts and mountains of vegetables often lead to overindulgence, leaving more on our plates than in our bellies.

Act 2: Enter the Mini Eco-Warriors

But wait, here come our meter-and-a-half-tall heroes, bursting with innovative ideas to tackle this holiday food waste monster!

How will they do it? Watch and see:

Scene 1: The Leftover Lunacy Parade

Imagine this: a parade of your holiday leftovers, marching to their own drumbeat. Turn your fridge into a carnival of creativity! Challenge your kids to invent zany dishes from the remnants of your feast. “Rice Tacos with Honey Confetti,” anyone?

Scene 2: Portion-Control Knights

Teach your little ones the art of portion control. Use smaller plates and serve only what they can comfortably eat. It’s a subtle yet mighty strategy.

Scene 3: The ‘Eat Me First’ Game

Label items in your fridge with cute “Eat Me First” signs. Challenge your kids to finish these items before they venture into fresher fare.

Scene 4: The Portion Police Play

Meet the Portion Police! Parents, you get to wear goofy hats, and kids, grab your badges. Your mission? To serve just-right portions and bust the food waste culprits. The reward? Silly dance-offs at the dinner table.

Scene 5: The “Food Waste Whodunit” Mystery Dinner

Transform dinner into a mysterious adventure! One family member secretly selects an ingredient that must be used in the meal. The catch? It has to be the one closest to spoiling. Can your taste buds solve the “Food Waste Whodunit”?

Scene 6: The “Farm to Table” Puppet Show

Don’t just talk about where food comes from – stage a puppet show! Create a hilarious drama featuring veggies and fruits on a daring adventure from the farm to your table. Bonus points for dramatic monologues by Mr. Potato Head.

Scene 7: The Epic Food Swap Extravaganza

Swap your way to less waste! Host a family “Food Swap Meet.” Each person brings leftovers they’d like to exchange. It’s like a holiday bazaar, but with stuffing instead of scarves.

Scene 8: The “Reverse Cooking” Experiment

Ready for some kitchen wizardry? Try “reverse cooking.” Prepare dessert before the main course, in which you intentionally use ingredients that might otherwise go to waste, and watch your family’s reaction. Who knew apple pie with honey could be an appetizer. Creative mindful cooking is fun!

Scene 9 and last: writing your family ‘’Waste Warriors’ Manifesto

Sit down with your kids and write a family manifesto against food waste. Make it bold and unapologetic. Take a provocative step and pledge to have a “Zero Food Waste” holiday. This means planning meals meticulously, shopping smartly, and making sure that absolutely nothing edible goes to waste. Share it with friends and family, and challenge them to join the “Waste Warriors” movement.

In this uproarious holiday adventure, we’ve journeyed through unconventional tactics to battle food waste. We’ve embraced the absurd, celebrated the wacky, and danced with leftovers. The result? A holiday season like no other, where saving the resources of our planet from food waste, and our family money which is being used for buying this food, has never been so much fun.

As parents and kids, we have the power to rewrite the holiday script. We can be innovative, imaginative, and artistic in our quest for zero waste holidays. And let’s watch in amazement as our children become the holiday heroes we never knew we needed, battling food waste one meal at a time. In this enchanting holiday story, our little eco-warriors don’t just save the day; they save our planet’s resources and teach us all a valuable lesson in the process.

About the Author
Dr. Michal Bitterman is CEO and co-founder of The Natural Step Israel, a non-profit organization that implements sustainable practices throughout Israel.