The greatest love story ever told

The story of the Fall is indeed a sad one. In the chapters preceding it, we have the pleasant view of holiness and happiness of our first parents, the grace and favor of God, the peace, harmony and beauty of creation. Very soon, all that would change. Satan was enraged against God and His glory and envious of man and his happiness. He was filled with vengeance for having being cast down. Having lost that incredible battle for Heaven, he swore he would conquer Earth. He was aware that God had given man a free will. He could not destroy man, but Satan was wicked, revengeful  and evil. He was sure he would find a way to cause his downfall.

Before the creation of Eve, God had placed Adam in the Garden of Eden and issued a simple command: “Of every tree in the garden, thou may freely eat. But of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it. For in the day that thou eat from it, you will surely die.” There is no mention in the Bible that God reiterated that same command to Eve. So whatever Eve knew of God’s command, came from Adam and therefore more easily persuaded to discredit it.

The person tempted was the woman, alone and at a distance from her husband, but near the forbidden tree. Satan seized this opportunity and cunningly and casually entered into a discourse with Eve. “Has God really forbidden you to eat from the fruit of this tree?” She adhered to the command and faithfully repeated it. Satan cleverly assured her that there was really no danger and such a minor infraction would surely not incur such a harsh penalty. He, being the Prince of liars, tells a blatant lie, listing all the great improvements and advantages of eating that fruit. “God knows very well that the moment you eat of fruit of this tree, your eyes will be opened and you will know what is good and what is evil. You will be like gods.” Satan himself caused his own ruin by aspiring to be like God. As Lucifer, he was the “Bearer of Light,” the “Shining Star of Dawn.” He was the most magnificent of the angelic hosts. He was proud and no longer wanted to serve God but desired to have all the glory, honor and homage from the other angels. He now sought to infect our first parents with the same desire and ruin them too.

Eve was confused. She hesitated. She looked up at the tree and noticed its fruit looked delicious. She saw nothing threatening about it. It looked no different from other fruits in the garden. What harm could possibly come from it? Surely it was a fruit to be desired since it would make her wise. As she looked up at the tree, she saw the heavens above but quickly directed her gaze back to the fruit. After what seemed an eternity, she reached out and plucked the fruit from the tree. Satan with a convincing smile nodded his full approval. Eve bit into the fruit.

Adam realized that Eve had been away longer than usual and went looking for her. He stopped dead in his tracks when he beheld Eve by the tree with the half-eaten, forbidden fruit in her hand. In his anguish, he was sure the whole earth had felt that grievous wound. He remembered God commanding him that on the day they eat the fruit from that tree, they would surely die. A sword pierced his heart. He knew she would be banished and will be all alone. He loved her very much. In an incredible act of love and compassion, he went to her side, took the fruit which she offered and bit into it.

The punishment handed out by God was swift and severe. They were banished from the Garden of Eden. To prevent them from returning to eat from the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever, He placed a cherubim with a flaming, revolving sword to guard the way that led to the Tree of Life.

Heaven was now filled with sorrow.

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Originally from Mumbai, India. Studied, trained and worked in Mumbai, Munich, Germany and Toronto, Canada. For many years, Leslie owned and operated a printing company where he printed everything, except money! Currently retired. Married with four children (four too many.)