The Green Prince, Israel, Islamic Terror Groups, and the Western World

For those who do not know the Green Prince – Mosab Hassan Yousef – he is the son of one of the founding members of Hamas.

The ‘Green Prince’ was his code name when he was working for the Israeli Shin Bet.

He has written a book and a film has also been produced.

This article is not about his life as a Shin Bet agent but his views now. If you would like to know more on his story I recommend you read/see the above.

I have now had the pleasure of being part of his audience twice. This time, just like last, he did not disappoint.

Although this time was different. This time the world had just witnessed an Islamic terrorist attack on France. This time the world had just witnessed a terror attack on free speech and Western values.

This time the world was not silent. This time the world marched. Approximately 3.7million people marched in France alone.

People marched in solidarity with the victims. People marched to show terror groups they have no fear.  But people didn’t march for Israel.

“This cycle of violence is not new”. Israel has experienced terror since its creation. Hamas and Hezbollah are on its doorstep, Iran is around the corner, all planning their next attack.

All of these terror organisations –  ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda – are all part of the same puzzle. They all have the same goal; to establish a worldwide caliphate.

“They are intolerant of anything that is not Muslim.”

This does not just include Jews, but the entire Western world. But the entire Western world does not see it. They see two different sets of collaborators. They see terror attacks on themselves as terror and they see terror attacks on Israel as justified. One man’s terrorist is another mans’ freedom fighter, right?


Terror is wrong whatever the motive. Whether it is against freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or occupation, it is always unjustified.

Mosab knows that. He mentions how he used to throw stones at cars when he was younger and even purchased a gun to seek revenge on Israel. He recalls the incident where he threw rocks at an Israeli vehicle carrying a woman with her children inside and how terrified they were. He says he wasn’t thinking then. He didn’t know what he was doing.

Now he does. Now he sees Hamas for their true colours.

“I don’t see justice. I see torture, I see killing. I see Hamas didn’t care for us.”

He says that the Palestinian’s biggest enemy is their leadership, not the Israelis. The leadership are intolerant and unforgiving.

But Israel pays the price.

Discussing the new trend of Europe recognising a Palestinian state before a negotiated two-state solution, Mosab notes that this is a mistake. By recognising a Palestinian state, one is recognising its government which at the moment consists of not just Fatah but also Hamas. The Western world are in effect giving free reign to Hamas.

The intolerant, unforgiving nature of Hamas has led to many wars/attacks, each time with Israel being penalised for war crimes and distanced from the rest of the Western World.

The Western world needs to wake up. “Israel fights Hamas on behalf of the free world,” on behalf of themselves.

Each time the Western world denies the right of Israel to defend itself, terrorists win. Terrorists then persist with their aggression as no one has told them to stop, therefore legitimising terror.

This allows them to expand their terror networks elsewhere. If no one is stopping them in Israel, then surely no one will stop them elsewhere.

And they are right. That’s why they are in France. They don’t fear retribution.

Not only does Israel protect its citizens, but “Israel protects Western values”.

The world can either sit back and say nothing when Israel gets attacked and be expected to do the same when they get attacked (which unfortunately may become more regular) or they can stand up and join Israel and wipe the world of these awful terrorists.

About the Author
Rachel is Campaign Manager at We Believe in Israel