Ron Diller

The Hague Decision

On January 26, 2024, the 17-judge panel of the International Court of Justice in the Hague issued their interim ruling on the urgent intervention for an immediate halt to Israel’s military campaign. Of course, it was one sided and solely against Israel. The only thing they mentioned in our favor is for Hamas to return the hostages and a ceasefire was not brought up.

Not once did they mention that Hamas:

  • is stealing humanitarian aid destined for Gazan civilians,
  • that the Gazan civilians who participated on Oct 7th engaged in the most notorious, barbarous, and horrendous criminal acts far worse than others,
  • used civilians as human shields in such places like schools, mosques, public administration buildings and hospitals,
  • and UNWRA Gaza worked in unison with Hamas participating in the execution of the October 7th massacre. In addition, the IDF found rockets and other weapons at the UNWRA facility along with incriminating evidence against 12 UNWRA employees.

The court is the epitome of neutral, rather it’s another arm of the UN who eviscerates Israel.  This in their second ruling against Israel. This court in the Hague is an extension of the UN. Since 2013, the UN has issued 45 resolutions against Israel. While the world is full of lunatic terrorists running wildly, somehow these judges and the EU focus their attention on Israel over other real and pressing genocidal events.

There are so many global genocides going on – far too many to even mention each one. Most recent is the war in Ukraine – an unprovoked war initiated by Russia resulting in over 500,000 innocent Ukrainian deaths. Since 2017, somewhere between 800,000-2 million Uyghurs Muslims (a Turkic ethnic group in central and east Asia), are being held in concentration camps in China who’re subjected to torture, women being forced to abort their babies, separation of children, harsh labor camps and organ harvesting. The Darfur, Sudan genocide has resulted in the deaths of 300,000 innocent ethnic Darfuri people.  The North Korean government policies of intentional famine led to starvation and the deaths of 2 to 3.5 million people. While Israel protects the rights of LGBT from discrimination, Arabs have murdered innocent homosexuals by throwing them off buildings. Tel Aviv ranks within the 10 cities in the world having the largest gay population. The list goes on and on.

Israel who respects human life is being sought out among real genocidal acts like these, is atrocious and only tells the world how one sided, perplexed their ruling reverberating with undertones of antisemitism.

Trump knew the court in the Hague along with the EU, Paris Climate Accords were all a bunch of frauds, which is likely one of the key reasons why he pulled out of these organizations.

Iran is the culprit behind all these upheavals in the Middle East. The EU and the Hague have failed the world.  Rather than attacking Israel, why can’t the EU or the Hague go after the real terrorists.

This was a wakeup call for the world. The following countries have now suspended aid to UNWRA I Gaza for their participation on October 7th: USA, Canada, Australia, Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Scotland

No doubt, more countries will follow suit.

Israel goes beyond the call of duty to protect its citizens, standing with high moral integrity. The most poignant example of this is when Israel released almost 1,000 Palestinian terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit’s freedom (after being held prisoner for 5-years in a Gaza jail). Prior to their invasion of Gaza, the IDF notified residents in Northern Gaza to move south by dropping 1.2 million leaflets, placing 4 million phone calls, sending 6 million text messages, and creating a safe passage corridor.  There’s not one other country in the world that would take these actions.

Israel is fighting a war that they never started. The Palestinians instigated this and now they must deal with the consequences.

What is ironic about the decision in the Hague, the following day was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. During the Holocaust, Jews were without a state and obviously had no defense. Now, Jews have a state and a means to defend themselves. The IDF found copies of Mein Kampf in Gaza – their playbook to kill Jews.

Rather than attacking Israel, why didn’t the judges go on the record citing the Hamas atrocities, entirely genocidal and on par with the Holocaust. The difference between Hamas and the Holocaust is Hamas terrorists were gleeful during their massacre while the Nazis drank away their guilt and misery. The judges failed to mention one word how Hamas uses innocent Gazan civilians as “human shields” resulting in thousands dead and injured including their loss of homes. Their ruling only further reinforces the invalidity of this court and validates their harboring deep rooted antisemitism.

It’s obvious that Iran used South Africa as its proxy to attack Israel in the Hague. South Africa has one of the highest daily murder rates in the world, illegal arms trade with other African countries, illegal mining, huge drug trade, government corruption of the highest level to name a few. How can they have standing to take Israel to the International Court in the Hague when they themselves are complicit in genocidal acts, government corruption that provides them shelter from conviction while hiding under their corrupt dysfunctional court system?

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.