Akiva Spiegelman
Media Consultant

The Holiday Lineup Card

Being a first time gabai and a lifelong sports fan, during this Shavout-combined-with-Shabbat holiday, I couldn’t help but noice the correlation between the two worlds.

There is so much you can prepare in advance in regards to scheduling the rotation of prayer leaders, but we managed to secure the win. A lot goes into choosing chazanim during such a long holiday, making sure to preserve the best for last alongside guaranteeing the flow of the session.

When selecting the prayer leader, you take into account speed and precision, and even if an occasional breather is needed for the reader during the long parsha, you know eventually he will get through the tough trop and wording with the correct preparation.

But the real win is secured by those creating the lineup card. The way you scout the crowd, locate the right person for the appropriate part of the davening and always making sure to end on a high note.

A win is a real community boost, a show of dedication by all members to be able to be uplifted by a prayer, a speech, an activity for children or even a young man leading in song.

After a long holiday, we can definitely be proud of our community and of everyone who took part in a big effort. Netzach Menashe has definitely secured the win.

About the Author
Akiva Spiegelman holds a bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing communications from the Ono Academic College. During his degree, he interned with MK Sharren Haskel, founded the Model UN Club at the Ono Academic Campus, and at the same time served as a spokesman for the Model UN Organization in Israel. In recent years, he served as head of the Open University Student Association's Spokesperson's Department, spokesman for the Center for Near East Policy Research, as a researcher in the Likud campaign and worked in the international department in the Galai Communications PR Firm. Currently acting as deputy to the the spokesperson at the Beit Shemesh Municipality.