The human face of those who died at the Mondial: Tell their story in real time.

At a time when thousands attend the Mondial games in Qatar, a confirmed news item has surfaced that 6,750 people died in circumstances related to this high profile sports mega event

There are unconfirmed rumors that some prostitutes imported to the event
were executed after their “performance”.

None of this is publishable by any of us in the media unless we can put a name to the faces of the victims.

As a journalist, I would like to receive credible accounts of the circumstances of how people met their death at the Mondial, ao as to chronicle this tragedy in human terms.

While the world revels in the excitement of the stars who feature in the Mondial. there is another story to be told by the friends and loved ones of those who died at the Mondial for no reason.

Please send their human story with pictures that are worth a thousand games

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