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The Hypocrisy and Naivete of American Jews


Do you mean to tell me a stupid red star, which may or may not be taken as anti-Semitic, is THE issue that inflamed American Jews? Are we really that dumb?

I am an observer. I love to watch people, read about people, even though I sometimes don’t really like them. Like now. I am receiving “news” posts forwarded to me with urgency from many in the Jewish community about Donald Trump, saying no Jew should support him, that he is a racist, a demagogue and a… Oh my gawd, an anti-Semite. He is a rabid anti-Semite because of imagery of a red star with Hillary Clinton and money. Oh, and David Duke supports him so that is enough to show that DT is also a racist.

Of course, when Hillary sings the praises (NY Post headline, April 14, 2016) of Al Sharpton, a known race agitator, anti-Semite, tax cheat, and liar, nothing is said.

I also just received the following “personal” note from Jonathan Greenblatt (a former Democratic operative in the Obama administration), CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

Hi, I haven’t heard from you! A few days ago I sent you the message below about the alarming hate the presidential campaign has stirred up — and what ADL is doing about it. Mr. Trump tweeted a message critical of his opponent Hillary Clinton with an image apparently created by a white supremacist site. The meme showed a six-pointed Star of David on top of a stock art image of American bills. After broad backlash from across the political spectrum, the tweet was deleted, but then surrogates for Mr. Trump blamed the media and the Clinton campaign for creating the controversy.

This is offensive on many levels, especially since the meme was created by a Donald Trump staffer who came forward, apologized and was adamant that it did not have any anti-Semitic overtones in it.

There is nothing like yelling ‘Racist’ or ‘Anti-Semite’ in a crowded Jewish theater.

The fundraising letter mentions Bernie Sanders, but it was mostly about Trump supporters. Nothing about Hillary Clinton. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that Hillary supporters were also racist, yet no mention of Hillary.

The letter speaks about rising anti-Semitism, especially on campus, without mentioning that most of this rising anti-Semitism is coming from Muslims.

It is clear from this and other letters that the ADL is becoming highly politicized and is now really just another arm of the Democratic Party. Now they have J Street and the ADL and a bunch of sheep who believe everything that they hear.

In the same week as this “horror” we receive a new report now from Germany that Iran was indeed looking to purchase nuclear weapons, and/or chemical weapons. Germany, one of the supporters of the Iran deal, is also cautioning the world that Iran is not honoring the deal. Wow, big surprise here.

If that wasn’t enough, there was another direct call from a head of Iran’s military for the destruction of Israel. They were bragging about the more-than-100,000 missiles placed all around the Middle East, especially in Lebanon. Iran could simply push a button, if they decide, and destroy Israel.

I was waiting for the avalanche of posts, emails, alerts and another personal letter from Jonathan Greenblatt ADL. What I got was nothing, no posts, emails, just CRICKETS. Why? This is not the party line of the Democratic Party to which 70 percent of Jews pledge their fealty.

Now we have two obviously troubling videos on Facebook of policemen shooting blacks. However troubling and tragic those videos may be, we are a nation of laws and we don’t know the other side of the story. Immediately there were protests, more letters from the organized Jewish community, front page articles on how we (the Jewish community) are going to deal with this supposed rash of shooting black people. Statistics, of course, do not support this narrative. Any unnecessary death is sad, however, the rule of law must prevail. If it is shown that these two situations were racist in nature, then they will be tried by a jury of their peers and punished.

The Black Lives Matter movement is being paid for by people like George Soros — one of the world’s 30 wealthiest people and a supporter of liberal causes — and has now joined forces with anti-Israel organizations. The left is making the association between “oppressed” Palestinians and the Black Lives Matter victims.

Once again our people are falling for this, hook line and sinker. Today’s Black Lives Matter is not yesterday’s Selma or Schwerner and Goodman of the civil rights movement.

To somewhat paraphrase a line from Michelle Obama, this is the first time in my life that I am embarrassed to be a Jew.

Now let’s qualify this. I don’t look at Israelis as the same Jews that we have here in the States, and I certainly do not feel embarrassed to be a Jew in general. However, the larger American Jewish community is so brainwashed, so far to the left now, that I almost have nothing in common with them.

Sure, Donald Trump has said some questionable things, but he is no anti-Semite. He speaks without a teleprompter and he exaggerates. Not the perfect candidate, but an anti-Semite?

Is a person who has women in important positions throughout his organization a woman hater?

His daughter is an Orthodox convert and The Donald has Jewish grandchildren.

Yes, he was a playboy, but that didn’t seem to affect the Democratic Party’s feeling about Kennedy. After all, Kennedy’s women were all lined up while he was still married. Same for Bill Clinton. He had so many that he installed a number system at his front gate. It still didn’t work, as Monica Lewinsky showed up at the same time as Eleanor Mondale, the former vice-president’s daughter.

‘Now I Understand How the Holocaust Happened’

In recent years I have found myself at odds with some in our community who, frankly, no longer make sense to me. There are many useful — actually, useless — idiots in our community. Now I can understand how the Holocaust happened. Sad to say, but I am sure that there were Jews who didn’t want to believe what was happening in Europe. They didn’t want to rock the boat. They once again pledged their fealty to Roosevelt (Democrat) and did virtually nothing to stop the Holocaust from happening.

I am being dramatic here. Where is the passion, the logic, when it comes to Israel? We watched as most of our elected Jewish leaders marched in lock step with this overtly hostile administration in putting this Iran deal hoax over us.

Where were our pulpit rabbis when it came time to speak up? Do you mean to tell me a stupid red star, which may or may not be taken as anti-Semitic, is THE issue that inflamed American Jews? Are we really that dumb? A people that is over-represented in our most important fields of medicine, economics, business, education? Dumb? Naaaaah, we are deluded. We are being led by the lost-in-the-’60s generation who are living their second childhoods. They are stuck in a time warp of civil rights and another generation.

Where was the reaction from our community when our government sent $350,000 to One Voice to fund an anti-Netanyahu campaign in Israel? The political firm hired was the same firm that Barack Obama used. Where is the outrage?

In Europe there are stories coming out of France of Jewish-owned businesses being burnt to the ground and a temple almost destroyed by a firebomb. All coming from Arabs and North African immigrants to France. This is a population among which 85 percent hate Jews and Christians. Europe is on fire with increasing anti-Semitism. So what do our “geniuses” say? Let’s bring them here… brilliant!

Yes, there is anti-Semitism and there is always going to be racism, but our country is not the same country as it was in the 1960s. After all, we elected and reelected a black president, didn’t we? That at least means that the majority of Americans are not racist.

We are facing real threats, and as a community we don’t vote our real interests. Today’s Democrats are not your Daddy’s Democrats. They are more like apparatchiks, bureaucrats of the failing Soviet system, than independent Democrats.

Today’s Republicans are not yesterday’s Republicans. There is still a divide with social issues, however, most of them are now considered to be settled. Christians are entitled to believe whatever they want to believe in. The country in general is more accepting of alternative lifestyles, etc.

The love for Israel on the Republican side is infinitely more reliable and from the heart than from the leftists on the Democratic side.

I remember watching Nixon resign in dishonor because he destroyed evidence and lied to the American people. Today, the Democratic candidate is involved in so many scandals, lies, obstruction of justice, that she has made a career of it. Most important, her constituency lets her get away with it. Where is the passion about the rule of law and telling the truth from the Democratic side?

Where are the people who invented the law when they see it so obviously been torn to shreds?

Which brings me back to what I said at the beginning of this blog. I have to believe that I am not the only Jew that is embarrassed by the way that our community has reacted.

I’m tired of the hypocrisy, partisanship (on the Democratic side) and lack of support from the American Jewish community for our fellow Jews. I’m tired of the hypocrisy and acceptance of the “party line” by the party to which 70 percent of Jews have pledged fealty.

I am just tired… sad and disappointed.02-Donald-Trump-Star-of-David.w1200.h630

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